In 2002 Winnecke Ran Against Consolidation

Winnecke 2002 Campaign Letter on Consolidation
Winnecke 2002 Campaign Letter on Consolidation


  1. What is the purpose of this article/letter?

    Is it to show that political officeholders in the past have changed their minds and it is OK for the current 6 City Council people to change theirs on the Convention Hotel?

    The Mayor has made some changes to his hotel plan to appease some city council members concerns. If the 6 County Officeholders do vote yes on the Hotel, they will then be truly be representing what the people want. And that is what they are supposed to do.

    • It might be to show the people of evansville that if the mayors lips are moving he is lying once more

      • The Mayor’s Hotel position has given the Mayor an increase in positive popularity.

        The 6 City Council Members need to vote yes on building the Hotel. It is the right thing to do.

        Wise men change their minds.

    • Why don’t we just throw procedure out the window here. The Common Council meetings are “Public Meetings” by statute and information is presented and discussed at the first meeting and a vote taken at a later meeting after discovery of the facts.

      If a vote occurs tomorrow it can only be for what was discussed at the last common council public meeting. Otherwise you will be voting on something on which the public has not been officially informed.

      You can NOT keep changing this proposal right up to a vote on Monday the 23rd of September.


  2. Wayne you are so far up the mayors you know what you can’t see anything. I say the 6 need to do the right thing and tell the mayor to stick this deal where the sun don’t shine with a big NO vote.

  3. I’m typing this with my computer standing on it’s side, but I think I like the challenge.
    I am no longer amazed at the plasticity of local politicians. “Transformers” they be.

    As to the Downtown Renewal Project Giveaway?
    I trust our Council to do the right thing. They have decided no on principle and will not be swayed by tweaks or threats.
    The project is more of a problem creator than a problem solver. When the vetting failed, it simply confirmed their judgement.

    BTW: I read that the Courierpress is compressing their readership exponentially. I would expect the readers and advertisers to migrate to these friendly pages.

    Looks like a big Christmas for City-County Observer.
    Regards! …

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