Impact Study of Not Renewing the Tax Cuts Set to Expire in January 2013


President Barack Obama

SW Indiana families to pay $2,473 more each in taxes

Tax Increase Impacts Jan 2013


  1. Everyone should know that the Heritage Foundation is a very conservative, mainstream Republican Think Tank. You should expect no other conclusion from these folks.

    How people think we could have conducted 2+ wars without any additional taxes or sacrifices makes me weep at the stupidity of conservatives. They will pillory “welfare queens” and “lazy unemployed” who extracting but a mere fraction of our overall wealth — while transnational corporations suck our treasury dry.

    If the Bush tax cuts were just allowed to expire, we’d be in a heck of a better situation than we are now. And, yes, I blame OBAMA for this — and for not following the recommendations that his budget “czar” Republican Senator Allen Simpson and a bipartisan group recommended to put an end to the insanity.

    We’ll get through this situation. The rich will get richer, and the poor will get poorer. Yeah, they’ll continue to throw out handouts to both groups. In the meantime, Joe Taxpayer average citizen is gonna have to hunker down until things hit bottom and more civil, less political minds prevail.

  2. From The Heritage Foundation website:

    “The Heritage Foundation is a research and educational institution—a think tank—whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies.”

    It’s not really news that conservatives think not renewing Bush era tax cuts is a bad thing. Are you going to publish an article from any liberal leaning groups? I bet they can use the exact same raw numbers and make the argument that sunsetting these cuts will be fabulous for individuals and the nation in general.

    If the CCO is going to post propaganda, make sure you post propaganda from both sides… 😉

    • I don’t really blame CCO or its publisher. I know that keeping a news website populated with “news” is a very challenging effort. And while I think that injecting “national” news into this site is counterproductive, still sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

      The CCO is in a unique position to bring local conservatives, moderates, liberals, libertarians, independents and just plain old non-political people under a big tent. That big tent is openness and honesty in government. And, as we have learned, in Evansville there is little or no correlation between that and party labels.

      Again, kudos to CCO for the effort. Actually, I am glad that the national articles he posts here don’t receive that many comments. And, believe me, I have tried on more than one occasion to “troll” people into responses — but they are too smart to bite the hook.

  3. Republicans are ok with tax breaks only if they benefit the super rich. Keep believing that fairy tale that it will trickle down, sheep.

    • We are pretty certain that the study covered all of the tax breaks most of which are inclusive of everyone. There are not enough rich to cover the costs of the current government even if the tax rate were 100%. We don’t believe in fairy tales but we also do not hate people or have covetous thoughts based on economics.

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