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Mike Braun, the pot and the kettle


Mike Braun, the pot and the kettle

U.S. Sen. Mike Braun, R-Indiana, delivered yet another nonsensical statement the other day.

John Krull, publisher, TheStatehouseFile.com

He chided Senate Democrats for their “partisan” behavior in moving to dismiss the impeachment charges against Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

Several things made Braun’s statement even more clueless than is his alternate-reality norm.

The first is that it wasn’t precisely true.

It is true that all 48 Democratic members of the U.S. Senate voted to dismiss the drummed-up and unspecified charges, but so did three independents—and one Republican, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, refused to line up with her GOP colleagues on one of the votes.

The second is that his argument that Democrats were somehow evading the rules by doing so was close to delusional.

The impeachment in the U.S. House of Representatives succeeded only on the second vote. On the first vote, it failed because Republicans couldn’t get their full caucus behind it.

It succeeded on the second, desperation vote because the GOP firebreathers persuaded a couple of Republicans to sit out the mulligan round.

Even then, the House Republicans’ “decisive” mandate fell four votes short of being a majority of the entire House, which considerably weakened its force as a statement of broad public disapproval.

Worse, it moved as a nonbinding resolution.

This meant it had all the legal enforcement power of a Valentine card.

But it was the timing that made Braun’s fulminations even more foolish than normal.

He issued it two days after the trial began of former President Donald Trump on charges that he paid porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about their alleged sexual encounter, lied about the transaction and did so to alter the outcome of a presidential election.

Trump’s is the first criminal trial of a former president in American history.

He also will face trial on nearly 60 other charges in three other criminal cases.

As Trump’s first trial ramped up, one Republican after another—New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu and former U.S. Attorney General William Barr were the most prominent—who had been critical of the former president in the past lined up to say they would vote for him in November.

Even if Trump had been convicted on criminal charges.

I’m sorry, but that’s the very definition of rabid partisanship.

If a person is willing to support someone who flouted the law for an office that carries with it a duty to respect and enforce the law, that person’s loyalty is not to the nation or the law. It is to a political party or, more troubling, to a person who lacks respect for both the laws of the land and basic ethical behavior.

This should not be a hard bar to clear.

At least, it isn’t for many Americans.

If my best friend were charged with a felony, I might contribute to his or her legal defense fund. I likely would show up in court during the trial to demonstrate moral support.

And, if my friend were convicted, I probably would visit her or him in jail or prison, because a friend is a friend.

But I wouldn’t vote for my friend to hold any public office—much less the one that carries the ultimate responsibility for executing the law and justice across the land.

I owe my country more than that.

If anything, Mike Braun—who now is the frontrunner to be Indiana’s next governor—has been more abject in his capitulations to Donald Trump than any other Republican.

His fealty to the former president is so servile and obsequious that it would not surprise me if Braun mows the lawn, empties the trash cans and cleans the bathrooms at Trump residences.

Braun coveted—no, he begged—for Trump’s endorsement in the governor’s race and offered his own endorsement of the four-times-indicted former president so slavishly that it would make almost any other human being with a modicum of self-respect cringe.

Braun can say many things about the Democrats’ dismissal of the Mayorkas impeachment shortage.

He can say they were stupid.

He can call them short-sighted.

But he cannot expect any reasonable person to take him seriously if he accuses someone—anyone—else of being partisan.

Mike Braun doesn’t have a leg to stand on there.

Maybe because he’s stuffed his foot all the way down his own throat.

John Krull is director of Franklin College’s Pulliam School of Journalism and publisher of TheStatehouseFile.com, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students. The views expressed are those of the author only and should not be attributed to Franklin College.


  1. .
    There is no defense Braun can offer, when he make ignorant, anti-Indiana, decisions because he fears the idiots who support Trump.

    Just say it Braun:

    “There are a lot of idiots, and that’s the right word to describe them, who support Trump. I mean, they send this guy Political Donations, and only 5% goes to make America Great. The other 95% goes to liine Trump’s personal pocket and pay his legal bills. Those donations have nothing to do with making America great. They’re wasted. But the idiots? They will STILL send Trump their money. And there are a lot of these Trump idiots, and I need their vote. So, I do what Trump wants, instead of what Indiana voters need.”

    • It’s just a guess, I guess. But? Guys who likely send Trump their money, which Trump keeps instead of using it to make America great, and they will continue to do it, and support this total fake?

      1. Al Sharpie
      2. Jerry Wirth
      3. Eviltaxpayer
      4. Part of me is beginning to think Victory knows Trump is fake. So, maybe not Victory.

      I am an actual Republican who believes in low taxes, small government, pro-business policy that creates high paying jobs, strong national defense, and supporting NATO our allies who helped the US beat Nazi Germany and global threats to the US and our great country. I know Trump is a fake.

      • Actually, while I support Trump, who did not keep even his pay, I never sent him money and will ask you to keep MY NAME out of your Strawman arguments as I have chosen not to engage you in discussions.
        Thank you.

        • This is the core issue w/ Trump supporters. Mr. Wirth, genius that he is, thinks that since Trump is foregoing his Presidential Salary, ole Jerry here doesn’t possess the next level basic sophistication that Trump’s business is “running for election and getting the ETP’s of the world to send him their personal $$.” “I don’t take my Salary!! Oh boy! That’ll get them!! Hey! Send out that next post that says, “Me being on trial, means you are on trial.” That nets us $3M from these bozos every time.”

          More and more Americans are realizing that JW and ETP and ole AL have tomatoes for brains supporting Trump. They don’t want to be like these guys. They got role models that are messed up, these guys.

  2. If any opinion author is qualified and experienced enough to write an opinion on rabid partisanship, John Krull is the man.

    • (…right. ETP!!! Embarrased about all those “donations” you sent to Trump. I would hide in a hole if I did that.)

      • THAT is the pot calling the kettle black!! Hole! Yes, that’s the right term.

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