If you can read, thank a teacher!


This year or 20 years ago, did you have a favorite teacher? Was there a bus driver or school counselor who gave your family a smile when you needed it? Now through May 7, the Public Education Foundation of Evansville invites persons whose family, neighbors or selves have been helped by a teacher or school staff member to take a minute and say “thank you.”

With a small donation to PEF, parents, guardians or grandparents can thank a particular teacher or staff member, while also supporting PEF classroom grants.

To order a Thank-A-Teacher or Salute-A-Staffer card and gift, persons must submit the request to PEF by May 7. Mailing to the office at P O Box 1163, Evansville 47706, or signing up on-line with a thank you request are both possible. A personal thank you cards will be sent, with a cookie gift certificate, to honorees by May 17. The school principal will also be notified for the staff and teachers’ records. New this year is inclusion of a small gift from local bakery Piece of Cake, 201 Main Street.

Program proceeds fund local public school Excellence in Education grants, provided by PEF to teachers and schools each fall. On average, annually PEF awards $10,000 in Excellence in Education grants to 15-18 teachers and schools affecting more than 2,100 students each year. Nearly the same number of applications have to be turned down annually, due only to PEF’s lack of funds to meet all needs. Outside support to provide the best education resources for classrooms in local public schools grows each year, according to PEF research (citations available upon request).

Persons wishing to participate can access the Thank-A-Teacher and Salute-A-Staffer form through the “Donation” page at www.pefevansville.org or can send an
e-mail request to info@pefevansville.org. Or, again, mail a request to PEF at P O Box 1163, Evansville 47706. A donation of at least $10 is suggested. Donation amounts are confidential. The Thank You card and Piece of Cake gift will be sent to designated recipients within one week of receipt of donation.

The Public Education Foundation is a private not-for-profit agency that provides direct funding to local public schools and teachers for innovative, student-centered programs. For more than 28 years, from an office at 100 NW Second St, Evansville, the PEF board of directors have provided thousands of students with professional-level, hands-on experience via direct support for its signature projects such as the House Building Project, Summer Musical, Missoula Children’s Theatre and academic team competitions. Last year, PEF provided over $345,000 in program support, and direct teacher grants and student scholarships.

The mission of the Public Education of Evansville, Inc. (PEF) is to inspire and reward student-centered innovation in public education. PEF board, supporters and staff believe that high quality public education is fundamental to the economic, cultural and civic health of our society; and that all students deserve the best possible public education in order to realize their full potential.

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