I-69 Ignite

Are you (or do you long to be) an entrepreneur, innovator or business founder?
Are you interested in connecting with innovators from across SW Indiana?
Are you interested in mentoring or supporting those who are founding new regional business ventures?
If so, then join the I69 Ignite Network;
a product of the I69 Innovation Corridor Initiative.
 We have started a Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/I69Evv2Crane) to help connect innovators, entrepreneurs, founders, and mentors from across the region.
We are starting lean, using Facebook and Twitter to list and notify people about events and spaces across the region that can support entrepreneurial efforts.
We hope to expand the communication as networks are established and expanded, but WE NEED YOUR HELP!
  • Please “like” us and tell your friends.
  • Feel free to post any happenings that you think entrepreneurs would like to attend.
  • You can also email andrea@GrowthAllianceEVV.com with any information to add to the page.
  • Send event flyers, facility brochures, or anything you would like posted or added to the I 69 Ignite calendar.
We have also setup a Twitter account (@I69Ignite) so you can easily tweet about happenings and resources, or re-tweet events that are posted.
Help us make the I69 Ignite Facebook and Twitter pages become the go-to place for regional innovation and entrepreneurship;
so everyone can know what’s going on, that there is help available, and that there are kindred souls “looking to ignite”.


  1. The page name was too complicated, so I started with “I69” in the search line on Facebook. It’s not a search appropriate for those under 18! LOL. I want to thank GAGE for the laugh. In their defense, the page does seem informative. Perhaps a different name is in order.

  2. We need to get creative and inventive people in this area networking together and talking about ideas. We also need a local Tech Center with available tools like CNC Machines, 3D Printers, Laser cutters, wood working equipment, wide format plotters, etc.

    Basically, we need a place where geeks can geek out together and play around with inventions and ideas. All the good intentions in the world for home-growing businesses will not work unless we have creative people coming up with new designs and inventions around which businesses (and JOBS) can grow, and an investor network to help launch these ideas into the marketplace.

    • Start your own network for that Brad,compete for the truly creative entrepreneurs,like a entrepreneur. What seems apparent,is the outfit you now have in that area is under sponsorship of an outdated driver and obsolete mechanical business methodology.
      No smart,successful innovative business plan or entrepreneur should “be expected” to share in just what propels its competitive innovative concepts forward,or its acceptance or approval through an system based on an “obsolete old machine type business driver.”
      Find established innovation driven venture capitol investment organizations,based out of, and with vision beyond your local area.
      Your area needs bit of work there,more altitude evolution forward per individual application based through studies of overall global market place communities.
      Create innovation “type categories organizations” to concentrate the focus of innovative development of profitable concepts and those applicable career paths.

      Maybe.. The innovative concepts and taxable income producers,”can share” in the profitability forward by demonstrating some acceptable “whole unit community return revenue creation” of the very innovative product, or process application itself.

      Built in job creation,investment profitability,sustainable shared revenue return forward. Metro growth.

      (GAGE..Not so much.)

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