How About Giving Me A Break


How About Giving Me A Break

By Dannie McIntire

JULY 20 2022

I admit to being continually baffled by the Washington D.C. mindset of our government. 

The month June brought bad news for “us” folks on Social Security. The federal government just announced that thru May, the year-to-date inflation rate in America has hit 9.1 percent. 

Let’s see, the Social Security increase for 2022 was 5.9 percent, which means senior citizens who rely on their Social Security benefit for the bulk of their yearly retirement income, with inflation figured in, have so far taken a 3.2 percent “pay cut” this year.

So while “us” senior citizens are taking a “pay cut”, I come upon an article on the Fox News Site detailing that our government has just announced that a $171.7 million taxpayer-funded contract has been awarded to the Vera Institute of Justice,  to provide legal assistance to unaccompanied minors who have been apprehended coming into our country illegally.

Let me say that again, the Biden administration is spending $171.7 million taxpayer dollars to give legal representation to a group of people who have no legal right to be in our country. 

Give Me A Break! Let’s see what else is going on?

President Biden just returned from a trip to Saudi Arabia, fist bumping Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman while there to beg the Saudis to produce more oil for America and the west. Let me think back, before President Biden took office America was oil independent in 2019 for the first time since 1957. Oh, yea, shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline project, it makes more environmental sense to transport that oil using trains and trucks actually increasing the carbon footprint in transporting that oil, while making its transportation less safe, think “rail and vehicle accidents”.

Give Me A Break! Let’s see what else is going on?

Washington D.C. democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser is complaining that it has become a “significant issue” in that the Washington D.C. homeless shelters are being filled with illegal immigrants from the border who are being tricked on to buses in Texas. 

Mayor Browser wants the federal government to get involved and stop these people from being tricked into getting on buses and sent north.

Hey, I have an idea Mayor Browser, how about asking your democratic cohort in the White House to actually protect our southern border to stop the illegal immigration that is flooding Texas? Do that and guess what? You eliminate those pesky buses coming into your city.

Let’s see what else can raise my blood pressure this morning.

Great news, the University Of Pennsylvania has nominated their transgender athlete, “Lia Thomas”, for the NCAA “Woman of The Year” award. How in even the “woke world” can an individual born of the male sex be nominated as the NCAA woman athlete of the year? 

Women fought hard through the years to equalize their collegiate sports opportunities with the men’s programs, now the easiest way for a male to “win in a sport” is to proclaim you are a woman and compete in their division. Can no one but me see how unfair this is to our true women athletes? 

Give Me A Break! This next one sent me to add a splash of something stiffer in my coffee.

“Demi Minor”, a transgender male prisoner in the women’s only Edna Mahan Correctional Facility in New Jersey, is being transferred to another facility after impregnating two fellow women inmates.

Now I “halfway apologize” for my next statement, but everyone who was involved with the decision to house a transgender male in a women’s prison and did not foresee this happing should have the word “STUPID” tattooed on their forehead! 

Enough said, Give Me A Break! 


  1. Also on the Social Security issue a big chunk of our 5.9 % increase went to pay for the Medicare increase !

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