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Hoosier History Highlights: Stage Star Marilyn Miller Born in Evansville


August 28 – September 3

The Week in Indiana History


1898     Mary Ellen Reynolds was born in Evansville.  Under the stage name of Marilyn Miller, she was a dancer, singer, and actress.  Hugely popular on Broadway in the 1920s and 1930s, she was a star of the Ziegfeld Follies.  Her life story was the basis of the 1949 motion picture entitled Look for the Silver Lining.

1938     Boxing legend Jack Dempsey was guest speaker at the Hartley Hills Country Club in Hagerstown.  He got a haircut at Phil Haisley’s barber shop and later signed autographs, hoisting children high up into the air.


1955     It was announced that mobile radio equipment would be used for the first time in Indiana State Fair history.  Police assigned an airplane spotter to monitor traffic control. 12-pack phone sets were loaded at key areas of the grounds. The Federal Communications Commission had issued a special radio license to be used. Safety Director Estel Callahan said, “Traffic has always been a headache at the fair, but I think we’ve got it whipped this year.”  (Pictured:  Headline from the Indianapolis News)

1964     It was 1:00 am and supposed to be a secret, but somehow fans and photographers found out that the Beatles were arriving in their chartered Lockheed Electra at Weir Cook Airport.  It was another secret that they were staying at the Speedway Motel, but that one got out, too.  The “Fab Four” were good natured about it as they prepared for two State Fair shows later in the day.

1988     A formal dress party was held at the Indiana Statehouse to celebrate the $11 million restoration of the building.  Entertainment for the crowd of 2,000 was provided by Marie Osmond.  Governor Robert D. Orr said, “This is a renewal as well as a celebration.  It is sentimental with an eye toward the future.”

ford2009     Space Shuttle Discoverylifted off from Cape Canaveral. Among the crew was pilot Kevin A. Ford from Montpelier, Indiana.  He served many roles in his career at NASA, including that of commander at the International Space Station.

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1.  Who was Benjamin Harrison’s famous grandfather?

2.  Which President served before and after Benjamin Harrison?

3.  Benjamin Harrison’s wife Caroline helped found what national organization?

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Hoosier Quote of the Week


     “Music was what I always wanted to do and I was one of the lucky few to achieve my ambition and earn a living from it for which I am very grateful.”

—Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds          Born in Indianapolis in 1958, Babyface is a recording artist, songwriter, and producer who has won 12 Grammy awards.

Answers:  1. William Henry Harrison   2. Grover Cleveland      3. The Daughters of the American Revolution