Hoosier History Highlights


    April 14 – April 20

    This Week in Indiana History

    Washington Park 1902  The Indianapolis Indians were organized as one of the original teams in the American Baseball League. They played in Washington Park, which was near what is now the entrance to the Indianapolis Zoo.

    April 18, 1945  War Correspondent Ernie Pyle was killed by sniper fire near Okinawa. Born in Dana, Indiana, he attended Indiana University. During World War II, he wrote newspaper columns six days a week. Often on the front lines, he described the war through the lives of ordinary soldiers.


    Wright April 16, 1867  Wilbur Wright was born near Millville in Henry County.  He attended school in Richmond, Indiana, until his family moved to Dayton, Ohio. There he and his brother Orville became aviation pioneers.

    April 20, 1824  Albert G. Porter was born in Lawrenceburg. He attended Hanover and Asbury Colleges and became an attorney. He served in the United States Congress and, in 1880, was elected Governor of Indiana. Later he was appointed by President Benjamin Harrison to serve as Minister to Italy. Albert G. Porter

    Do you remember the late snow that occurred on April 20, 2021?

    April 20, 2021

    Our Where in Indiana? from last week was taken at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary in Albion, IN.

    Black Pine

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    April 14

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    Indiana Quick Quiz

    1. What prominent Indiana Statehouse artwork was created by Eugene Savage?

    2. Janet Scudder, born in Terre Haute, gained fame in what field of art?

    3. Which artist created the murals for the George Rogers Clark Memorial in Vincennes?

    4. How did Roachdale, Indiana get its name?

    Answers Below

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    1. Eugene Savage Painted the mural in the Indiana House of Representatives.

    2. Janet Scudder was a sculptor.

    3. Ezra Winter painted the murals at the George Rogers Clark Memorial.

    4. Roachdale was named for Judge Roach, director of the Monon Railroad.


    This little Indiana Wren is busy building its nest.