Hoosier History Highlights


    February 4 – February 10

    This Week in Indiana History


    February 4, 2007 The Indianapolis Colts won Super Bowl XLI in Miami, defeating the Chicago Bears, 29-17.

    February 6, 1962 William Bruce Rose was born in Lafayette, Indiana. At age 20, he moved to California, changed his name to Axl Rose, and in 1985 formed the band “Guns and Roses.”

    Axl Rose

    IU 1901 February 8, 1901 Indiana University competed in its first official basketball game. One hundred fans traveled with the team by train to Indianapolis to play Butler, which won by the score of 20 to 17.

    James Dean, actor and cultural icon, born in Marion, IN.


    February 9, 1982  President Ronald Reagan spoke to legislators in the Indiana House of Representatives.  The topic was his new federalism policy which would return authority in some areas back to the states. Reagan in IN

    Greentown Glass The Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company was incorporated in Greentown, Indiana. The factory was destroyed by fire in 1903 and today the many beautiful pieces of “Greentown Glass” are highly prized.

    Our Where in Indiana? from last week was taken in Farmland, Randolph County.

    Red Gold  

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    Feb 4

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    Indiana Quick Quiz

    1.In what Indiana city did Elwood Haynes build some of the first automobiles?

    2. The oldest chapter in the world of this fraternity can be found at Indiana University. Name the fraternity.?

    3. Indiana University Southeast is found in what city?

    4. What is the oldest university in Indiana?

    Answers Below

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    1. Kokomo

    2. Sigma Chi

    3. New Albany

    4. Vincennes University (Founded in 1801)