Homeless Man Down on His Luck is Helped by Two Warrick Co Deputies and a State Trooper


Warrick: This morning at approximately 6:50, Indiana State Police and Warrick County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the Landmark subdivision located on Epworth Road north of SR 662 in reference to a suspicions person. Officers later located and identified the person as a 49-year-old homeless man that wanted to go back home to Richmond, VA, and visit his father. The 49-year-old had been living in the Evansville area for approximately one year and didn’t have any money. Officers made contact with his father and he was not able to send money to help his son. Deputy Adam Silva, Deputy Jim Altmeyer and Trooper John Puskas chipped in and purchased a bus ticket to Richmond, VA, so he could spend the holidays with his father. He was transported to the bus station in Dale where he will take a Greyhound bus back home.


  1. Gentlemen, kudos and a big Thank You for helping reunite a son with his dad, when both of them needed a hand. This is above and beyond the work you do every day despite foul weather and dealing with people behaving badly.
    Given the criticisms of law enforcement in the news lately, I’m happy to read articles about how your organizations actually assist the citizenry, which all to often is taken for granted.
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

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