Holcomb Nabs Big Contributions As He Nears Re-Election Run


Gov. Eric Holcomb might not officially be running for re-election yet—emphasis on yet—but he is building up his war chest with some large donations.

Holcomb received $70,000 in reportable large contributions from donors in May and June, plus the Team Holcomb political action committee and joint fundraising committee gave the Holcomb campaign a total of $63,348 in May.

The $70,000 in donations directly to Holcomb came from two political action committees and two individuals:

• The Power PAC, the PAC for Indianapolis Power & Light Company, donated $15,000 on May 13. The IPL committee has given Holcomb $15,000 annually since 2016.

• Massachusetts-based Raytheon Company’s PAC gave $10,000 to Holcomb on May 15. The Raytheon PAC also gave Holcomb $2,500 in December and has given to both Republican and Democratic state lawmakers. The company is a major U.S. defense contractor.

• Purdue Alumni Association President and CEO Ralph Amos donated $25,000 to Holcomb on June 6, which is by far the largest state-level campaign contribution for Amos. The largest previous donation was $2,000 to then-Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Pence in 2012.

• California equity portfolio manager Gregory Wendt gave Holcomb $20,000 on June 13. Wendt, who works in San Francisco for Capital Group, has previously donated to the Indiana Democratic State Central Committee.

Most campaign donations are only reported quarterly or in pre- or post-election reports, but large donations must be reported 48 hours after they are received. That means the Holcomb campaign has undoubtedly received signficantly more than has been reported so far.