Henderson Power and Light Electric Bill Estimator


We found a website for the electricity provider in Henderson, KY that will let you put in your monthly usage and it will then calculate your bill. Henderson has a different rate for summer than it has for winter. We put in the amount of 1,000 kWh that Vectren uses for a typical user. The results of the estimate are as follows:

June 1 – September 30: $61.13

October 1 – June 1: $49.63

The charge by Vectren for exactly the same amount of usage is just over $151 and does not vary with the season. This confirms the assertion of the City County Observer that the cost for 1,000 kWh of electricity is between 146% and 212% more than it is across the money saving bridge in Henderson.

Try out the calculator with your own input:



  1. This is no big surprise to most of us. So is there no agency that monitors the cost of energy to a community and keeps the utility companies in check? Maybe a consumer watch group? Can a community negotiate the rate as compared to other providers and stay in line with other areas of the country? Or are we at the mercy of a utility profit center like vectren?

  2. 250+% here…

    I wonder if the CCO is reaching out to other areas to hear what their reaction to our “leadership” now calling for a freeze in rates, (to simply wait till every body else gets raised through the roof) is?

    I wonder if you told Henderson Power and Light officials that you assume that their average 700 KWH bill would increase 250% over the next decade (due to polution control) if they would agree? Is it possible Vectren did it so efficiently, Henderson’s bump will have to be much, much greater?

    Is the Gleaner running any stories that warn Henderson residents that Evansville is blazing a path ahead and that they will soon experience 200+% electric rate increases – and that there is nothing they can do to avoid it?

    I wonder if the KY regulatory agency would agree?

    I wonder what the KY politicians would say about that?

    Is it possible, that when it gets down to it, “air quality” has a very minor impact on the 250+% difference?

    Is it possible, they would laugh and explain the differences between a “progressive” energy company vs. a normal energy company?

  3. Wow. The fact that this isn’t being picked up as a major story in the mainstream news outlets is pretty telling, isn’t it?

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