Haven’t we suffered enough yet?


Freedom, Indiana – Andrew Horning is seeking the Libertarian Party of Indiana’s nomination for Indiana’s US Senate seat in 2024.

OK, so by now most of us should know that our gaslighting, bankrupt government is just a puppet of a corrupt, global crony crime ring, that it’s stealing from everybody with inflation, and is going to default on Social Security and Medicare pretty soon.  Even The Fed, which has a monopoly money press, is a trillion dollars negative (they’re calling it “deferred assets”), and we’re all charging toward the cliffs of World War III.

So we’re headed toward poverty, violence and death by the millions.  It’s not like we haven’t been amply warned.

George Washington’s Farewell Address was full of strong warnings against political parties, permanent military establishments, spending and debt, internecine conflicts, government intervention in commerce, for sustaining a virtuous and constitutional republic, and, “…it is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.”  That inspired Jefferson’s “…peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none.”

Other Presidents, and innumerable constitutionalists and libertarians (not just me!), notably including Eisenhower and JFK, have repeated warnings against political interventions, as well as corruption and takeover by external agencies and corporations.

But despite the revelations of our government’s deception, corruption and catastrophic, mass-fatality failures over more than a century of unconstitutional abuse of power and transgenerational theft of public wealth, We The People still use our votes to confirm approval of economic, cultural, global and militarized suicide, as if in a twisted form of Stockholm Syndrome.

Our nation’s Declaration of Independence says, “…that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”  Up to now, we’ve been literally fat, and relatively happy.  But can’t we see what’s next?

It’s bad enough that the Cassandras who’ve been repetitiously right are deemed “a wasted vote” on Election Day.  What’s tragic is that the people who’ve proven to be consistently and destructively wrong over and over are called, “incumbents,” “winners,” “successful,” and “The Honorable…”

Happily, We The People are waking up.  We’re losing faith in the charlatans, and starting to see the global authoritarian puppetmasters who own and operate the inherently divisive, unconstitutional “Two Party System.”  The Dakota wisdom, “when you see that your horse is dead, dismount,” may be today’s epiphany.  Independent and “third party” candidates are winning at last.  There are already twenty Libertarians holding public office in Indiana today (though few know it).  RFK Jr.’s candidacy might really shake things loose.

But the rich and mighty proposing we give up our wealth and rights to grant them more power to fix “existential,” “national security,” environmental, economic or individual rights problems, have created, owned and operated those problems to their own benefit for decades.  And they are still in charge.

There is a simple fix.  Fire them.  All of them.  The parties, staffers, bundlers, lobbyists, kingmakers and puppet masters, CIA, WEF, WHO, Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex and technological and scientific elite, JFK’s secret societies, Big Ag, Big Pharma…  they all need to be knocked down to individual human scale …and accountability.

I’m putting that option, and a constitutional republic, on the ballot for 2024.  And what I mean by that is all written down so there’s no hedging, prevaricating, or going back on what I said.

Liberty or Bust!

Andy Horning


  1. .
    This guy?

    He has fun writing doomsday crap. You know why he is such an unserious person?

    Because his WORK EXPERIENCE for the last 20-years is as a FREE-LANCE CARTOONIST.

    When you have NO qualifications for the job? You have no choice but to trash everyone around you as an idiot.

    The CCO can publish this guy’s column as a matter of free speech.

    But his candidacy IS A JOKE.

  2. Mr. Horning is a decent man, but I’ll be supporting Jim Banks for Senator. What better recommendation than the Dems not allowing him to sit on the “Jan.6 House investigation” clown show?

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