HATS OFF: June 26, 2011


CCO Publishers Weekly Kudos to People Who do the Right Thing

HATS OFF: June 26, 2011

Hats Off to the Weinzapfel administration and city engineer for starting to designs plans to make needed corrections at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue between Green River Road!

Hats Off to the Evansville Housing Authority for sponsoring the Youth Build program this is geared to help low income youths between the ages of 16 and 24 years old. This worthwhile program helps at risk students who have experiences with welfare, homelessness, foster care juvenile justice and long term unemployment. Hats off to the 2011 graduates of this worth while training program!

HATS OFF to the Directors of the Vanderburgh County Community Foundation for selecting Scott Wylie as its new Executive Director!

HATS OFF to the newly appointed Director of Reitz Home Foundation, Matt Rowe for taking the Reitz Home fund raising efforts to the next level!

HATS OFF to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals working to re-unite pets with their owners but also helping to find homes for those who have been orphaned! HATS OFF to Sierra Wilson (A Signature School Senior) for working with the Vanderburgh, Posey and Warrick County Humane Societies to help find homes for pets from the Joplin, Mo. area! IF you would like to help Sierra in this effort, please contact her at (812) 303-6863!

HATS OFF to Evansville Democratic Party City Council candidates Missy Mosby and Al Lindsey for burying the political hatched this week!

HATS OFF to SMG for pulling the marketing rabbit out of the hat by getting Kenny Chesney to come to Evansville Robert’s Stadium on August 7!

HATS OFF to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management giving the Carver Community Center child care center the green light to re-open! Hats OFF to Executive Director David Wagner and his outstanding staff for a great job in providing quality care to about 126 children from low income families!

And finally from Joe: HATS OFF to Ronald H. Cosby for sticking with his concept for a publication that advocates for good public policy through the tough years!…that without that tenacity and that famous hard head there would be no CCO today?


  1. My hats off to Joe Wallace for pushing the envelope with the city and its government to get things done. So much so that those who refuse to innovate and fight to improve the city have resulted to writing into the C&P to complain about his articles. Joe is the beginning of something big. HATS OFF

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