Harvest Season is Time to” Watch Out” for Deer


ISPEach fall the annual crop harvest along with the beginning of hunting season, (which begins today,) makes deer movement more prominent and the number of car/deer crashes increase. Motorists are reminded to use extra caution when driving in rural areas of Indiana.

Deer are generally more active in the early morning (pre-dawn) hours or the hours just after dusk. They also become more active during late October into early November during the “rut,” or deer mating season. But because of the crop harvest going on now deer could be on the move at anytime.

Motorists should take the following precautions when driving in rural areas to avoid having a crash involving a deer.

•When possible use high beam headlights at night and be aware that deer could be standing on or near the side of the roadway.

•Drivers should watch approaching vehicles and observe what may break their headlights beams; it could be a passing deer. This technique allows extra time to slow your speed and be alert for the deer.

•Watch for reflections from the deer’s eyes.

•Where there is one deer there are often several. Do not assume you missed the deer because more could follow. BE ALERT!

•If your vehicle strikes a deer do not touch it. A frightened or wounded deer can cause you serious bodily injury. Remain in your car, make sure you and your passengers are safe, and call the police to obtain a crash report for your insurance company. You should report this as you would any other crash.

•Finally, as always, BUCKLE UP!