Harlaxton Brand Nominated for Global Award


EVANSVILLE, IND. (09/12/2023) The University of Evansville (UE) is proud to announce that Harlaxton has been shortlisted in the Education category for a Brand Impact Award. Now in their tenth consecutive year, the Brand Impact Awards (BIAs) reward the best branding from around the world.

In recent months, Harlaxton has undergone a rebranding that retraces its emblematic roots. The Manor’s classic shield was stripped back and now focuses on the idiosyncratic features of Harlaxton and what can be experienced there. The new brand has enabled Harlaxton to bring heraldic heritage into the brand, a nod to the changemaking alumni, trailblazing owners and patrons of Manor who have their ancestry documented across the building.

The journey to create the new brand began with a comprehensive strategy phase, which included on-site visits and consultations with various stakeholders, including staff, students, tutors, and alumni. Through these interactions, it became clear that values such as conservation, sustainability, learning, and internationalism is fundamental to Harlaxton’s future.

Feeding into the immersive strategy phase, Harlaxton landed on five key findings to develop the brand’s creative principles: a place to progress, change your stars and see the world anew, experience growth, one Harlaxton with many faces and enchanting enigma.

“We are honored to be considered for this award, through our rebrand we communicated the belief that educational opportunity should transcend wealth, emboldening first-generation students and those from minority backgrounds to bravely innovate in a changing world, joining Harlaxton’s rich legacy of changemakers,” said Dr. Holly Carter, Executive Director and Dean of Harlaxton. “So, whether studying at an international campus, teaching abroad, immersing yourself in the culture or being a part of an amazing event, the extraordinary can be pursued at Harlaxton.”

Harlaxton College is housed in an exquisite, 19th-century Victorian manor located in the countryside of Lincolnshire, England, near the town of Grantham. Every semester, the manor welcomes students from UE and other partner institutions across the nation, and they complete general education and program-specific courses while immersed in British culture.


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