Half of Nations Uninsured Citizens are in Just 116 Counties


A new study conducted for The Associated Press shows that the Obama administration is best off focusing on signing up uninsured Americans in a relatively narrow geographic area: Half of non-senior adults without insurance live in just 116 of the nation’s 3,143 counties.

Map of uninsured Americans


  1. Gonna be kinda of hard to sign up all those people in states where medicaid expansion has been refused.

    I see SC, GA, TX, TN, IN etc.

    • Expansion of Medicaid is nothing more than expansion of the welfare state. That’s what we need another generation in the cycle of government dependency. But of coarse that’s what progressives want because it gives them power and control. I say no thank you and stick your control of people up your rear end.

      • One vote for Let them Die duly noted.

        This GOP debate brought to you by your local RTL chapter.

        BTW where is all this power and control of which you speak?

        • Blacks voting in 95%+ blocks for democrats is power. Were it not for that or even if the black community voted 55-45 democrat you guys would hardly have any seats in congress, governor mansions, and you sure as hell would not have won the white house.

          • Yes if the other team hadn’t scored more points than we did we would be champions!

        • exactly! “Let them die” unless they are pregnant. Then make them give birth and then let them both die!

          You gotta hand it to the rightie nuts. They take inconsistency to a whole ‘nother level.

          • Do you know who Sanger is? Do you know that she advocated genocide as a solution for poverty?

            But hey, I’m just a far right wing tealiban nut bigot with my folklore shoved up between my legs who does not think the solution to poverty is eradication of a class of people by abortion.

            That’s the difference between having “let’s all get along” as a value rather than a moniker.

  2. Looks like if they would concentrate on Seattle, Southern California, Vegas, Chicago, New York City, Detroit, Orlando, and Southern Florida they could pick off most of them. Every one of those places are heavily Democratic.

    One would think they would shut up about 3,000+ counties that aren’t even affecting the numbers and go after their own kind.

    Texas is a world of its own so forget Texas.

    • This is true.

      Better yet cut the price for the under 35 crowd on the private side where the demand curve is elastic, ie price cuts are more than offset by increased volume. Another change… so what. Give those already signed up a rebate or a cut in the next months premium.

      Not sure if that is even legal or possible, but if it is they should do it now. The current mix of young healthy people is about 20%, a respectable number but nowhere near the 35-40% they need.

      Better to face reality now rather than have notice letters going out saying your premiums are going up umpteen percent.

  3. Mostly in poor red states. Go figure. That rtw utopia creates a bunch of obese welfare recipients and meth addicts.

    • You’re color blind right? No wait, I’m color blind and can tell the largest uninsured populations are in large urban areas which are traditionally blue.

    • When someone has the christian folklore guide so far up between your legs it is easy to rely on “what you see” and math can be excruciatingly painful. A 2 minute internet search can save many an embarrssing slipup

      So let’s review.

      The numerator, the number that goes on top of that fraction thingy. That would be the number of people in your state with out health insurance, the denominator is that number that goes on the bottom, see that’s the total number of people in your state. When you divide the numerator by the denominator you get a percantage.

      I know its hard but even a minsister can do it!


      Once you do the math you can easily see that the top 10-15 sans California are deep ruby red states.

      Leading the dubious pack TEXASS!!

      Yeah that #1 business rating and fiscal conservatism is doing SOOOO much for their residents!

      Texas #1 in mercury pollution, #1 in benzene pollution, #1 sulpher dioxide pollution # 1 in CO2 emmissions, # 1 in pct of people working for the minimum wage # 1 in pct of people without health insurance. Rick Perry for President!

      God, guns, gays, bortion bans!

      Deep in the heart of Texas!!

      • Here is some Christian Folklore for you. Do you have a problem with any of these? They are so simple that even a yellow dog democrat can understand them.

        Honour thy father and thy mother

        Thou shalt not kill.

        Thou shalt not commit adultery.

        Thou shalt not steal.

        Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

        Thou shalt not covet

        • What the….? Want to start citing old testament lore? Start making some phone calls and get the angry mob ready and call Mulzer’s and order a load of rip rap. A lot of people are going to die.

          • So you’re for murder, stealing, cheating on your wife…? Looks like you might already have your load of stones. May we see your Laborers card before you begin throwing them?

          • I think you misunderstood. I was pointing out if this fella wants to live under old testament law get ready for a pretty bumpy ride.

          • I think the fella listed what he wanted to live under and you jumped the the extreme. I suspect outside the cyber world that you are a reasonable person who recognizes that we can not take any statement to an extreme conclusion and find a reasonable statement.

      • “…the christian folklore guide so far up between your legs…” Statements like that do impress me with your intelligence, but maybe it’s just an anatomy difference between us. My “Brains” is under may cap not in my underwear. It’s really hard to have a reasonable discussion with you when you’re so full of hate.

        Read the fine print on the little map “Brains.” The largest number of uninsured are in or near large population ares. They even list them on the bottom right hand side. (Your right hand would be the passenger side if you were sitting in your mommy’s car.)

        So scratch your behind and think, “Are large urban areas mostly democrat or republican?”

      • BTW Brains, I’ve been wondering if you use to post on the CP as Paxatheistica?

    • Are you effing blind? Outside of Texas the silos of the uninsured are all bluer than blue. I bet the counties in Texas that hold Houston and Dallas are bluer than blue too. It is democrats failing to buy this piece of shit coverage that is killing it. Give it to them free and those dirt bags will be right there hat in hand.

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