Evansville, IN – On August 29, 2023, Prosecutor Diana Moers announces that

Richard Zenon Bogacki, a habitual thief, was found guilty of three counts of Theft, all

Level 6 Felonies, in a jury trial before Judge Robert J. Pigman of the Vanderburgh County

Superior Court.

In February of 2019, local business owners hired Richard Bogacki as their

operations manager. Bogacki, who worked quickly to gain the trust of his employers, was

fired from his role in August when the business owners noticed several financial

discrepancies in the company. Just weeks prior to being terminated, Bogacki established

an LLC with a similar name to the company he worked for and made his wife the

registered agent. Richard Bogacki then opened a business banking account with the LLC’s

name. After completing work on a customer’s home through his employer’s business,

Richard Bogacki had the customer write the check to his new LLC. Bogacki then cashed

the check into his own business banking account. Bogacki committed the same offense

several times, having the customers write the check to his own LLC rather than his

employer’s business. Bogacki would also pay personal expenses out of his employer’s

business account.

At trial, Deputy Prosecutors Erik Bryant and John Bober presented bank records

of the Defendant’s illegitimate business, bank records of the victims’ legitimate business,

testimony from civilian homeowner witnesses who received services from the victim’s

business, and testimonies from the business owners and law enforcement. Previous

victims of Bogacki’s theft observed in the audience. After the guilty verdict, Bogacki was

taken into custody.

Prosecutor Diana Moers thanked her Deputy Prosecutors, Victim Advocate Teresa

Wilcox – who assisted these victims throughout the 4-year litigation, Morgan

Richardville, Carla Moore, Tony Carden, Tiffany Lubbehusen, and Kennadi Hagan who

all helped in the investigation and trial preparation. Moers also extended a thank you to

Detective Aaron McCormick, Sergeant Bill Arbaugh, and Detective Nathan VanCleave for

their roles in the investigation and trial process.

Prosecutor Diana Moers stated: “This is a reminder to the community that

financial crimes will be investigated and prosecuted with every resource we have

available. I have a background in prosecuting white-collar crimes and know first-hand the

devastating impact financial loss can have on peoples’ lives- from small businesses to our

banking institutions. Working hard to steal money from others thus robbing them of their

own hard work, trust, and time is a deplorable act that will impact generations and should

be treated as such. A community cannot thrive with these types of criminals among it.

My office will not turn away from these intricate cases. We have the knowledge to

investigate and prosecute financial theft cases to the fullest and we will leave no stone

unturned. Deputy Prosecutor Erik Bryant stated: “Our hope now is that our victims find

a sense of peace in knowing that this is behind them and their small business, which they

love so dearly.”

Sentencing is scheduled for October 5, 2023, in front of Judge Robert J. Pigman of

the Vanderburgh County Superior Court. The Defendant could face upwards of 7 years.