YESTERYEAR: H. A. Woods Drug Company


H. A. Woods Drug Company

by Pat Sides

In 1916, H. A. (“Harry”) Woods opened his first drug store in Evansville at Seventh and Main streets, where the Ford Center is now. He had recently moved to the city from Louisville, Kentucky. Before he retired decades later, Woods built a chain of at least thirteen pharmacies in the Tri-State.

In 1950, when this photo was taken, there were three stores on Main Street, one in the Hulman Building, one at 19 SE Fourth Street, as well as three other locations in Evansville. Woods’ habit of wearing a red hat, necktie, and socks inspired the name Red Necktie Room for the popular dining areas in his stores.

Woods was also a prominent civic leader and enthusiastic promoter of Evansville causes. In 1974, he sold his chain to the Haag Drug Company; he died four years later.



  1. I drank coffee with Mr. Woods numerous times at his Lincoln and Weinbach store. He was a very like-able gentleman.


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