Greg Peete Wins House District 77 Caucus

Greg Peete Wins House District 77 Caucus
On Saturday, June 27, a caucus of Indiana House District 77 Precinct Committeemen selected Greg Peete to be the District 77 Republican Candidate for State Representative in this year’s General Election. Peete defeated fellow Republican Steve Ary to fill the District 77 ballot vacancy, receiving 60% of the caucus vote.
Peete, a life long Republican, is a Veteran, an advocate for Veteran issues, and a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  In his Campaign, Bio Peete states,”I chose to run for this seat for all Veterans in the State and Community. My Passion is wanting to be able to help straighten out the Indiana Veterans Affairs and get them the help they deserve.
Also, I want to get policies in place to help with homelessness and mental health issues that reside in our community. I want to help with providing programs to underprivileged youth and help create jobs to help keep them out of trouble and in school.
I also vow to make myself available to the district so you can reach me with problems that arise, and we will work together to fix the issues. “
Peete will face incumbent Democrat Ryan Hatfield for the Indiana House District 77 seat this November.
Learn more about Greg Peete HERE


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