Governor Pence Commends Passage of Balanced Budget Amendment Legislation


Pence: Legislation ensures “constitutional protection for future generations of Hoosiers”


Indianapolis – Governor Mike Pence tonight issued the following statement upon passage of SJR 19, a balanced budget amendment for Indiana’s Constitution.


“Tonight, the Indiana General Assembly took a historic step to enshrine fiscal discipline in our state’s political charter. By passing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Indiana Constitution, we will ensure that future state governments spend wisely, live within their means, and protect our children and grandchildren from being burdened by mountains of debt.


“Tonight was just step one in the process, and I am truly grateful for the bipartisan support of this important constitutional provision, and I look forward to the day when the Balanced Budget Amendment can be sent to the people of Indiana for approval.


“I commend President Pro Tem David Long, Senator Brandt Hershman, Speaker Brian Bosma, and Representative Tim Brown for their careful and diligent work in crafting this constitutional protection for future generations of Hoosiers.”