Governor Pence Announces $1 Million in CTE Innovative Grant Opportunities


Indianapolis – Governor Mike Pence today announced the eight winning school and business partnerships in the second round of Innovative Career and Technical Training grants, which will help to make available to Indiana high school students new work-based learning opportunities in advanced robotics, agriculture and precision machining technologies.

“Indiana’s Regional Works Councils are leading the charge when it comes to ensuring our young people are on a pathway to success in the workforce or in post-secondary studies,” said Governor Pence. “Members of the Councils have been working with industry partners, high school counselors, teachers, parents, and students to bolster CTE opportunities, align and grow critical sector partnerships, and collaborate on curriculum improvements and design, and I applaud their efforts.”

The grants, the second round provided by the Indiana General Assembly, are designed to target new learning opportunities at the regional level, with collaborations between local business and education partners. Driven by the Indiana Regional Works Councils, which were unanimously created by the General Assembly in 2013, the grants provide meaningful work-to-learn opportunities in combination with students earning dual credits and industry certifications in key regional employment sectors.  The grants require a 3:1 public to private dollar match in funding and/or services.

Innovative CTE Curriculum Grant – Round 2 Awardees

 Newton County Schools (Region 1)
o Grant Funds Allocated: $339,571
o Private Matching Funds: $135,050
o Sector: Agriculture
o Key Partners: Fair Oaks Farms, Peterson’s Ag Service, Monsanto, Newton County Surveyor’s Office, Ivy Tech,

local farmers
o Start Date: Fall 2015 o Metrics:

 280 students enrolled
 82% earning certifications (230 students)

 Serv-Safe, Pre-PACPro-Start, AutoDesk  55% earning dual credits (155 students)

o Highlights:

  •   New curriculum includes three sections:
    1. Precision Farming: Merges intro and advanced agriculture courses with STEM-focused PLTW courses
    2. Agritourism: Organic food and the farm-to-table concept
    3. Aquaponics: Including science, business, and marketing components
  •   Will provide hands-on lab experiences for students in using GPS guided tractors, automated fertilizer

    dispensers that adjust for varying field types, and remote-guided drones for geospatial mapping

  •   All proposed dual credit courses are or will be aligned to Ivy Tech’s dual credit crosswalk. Juniors and

    seniors in each concentration will participate in multiple work-based learning experiences with seniors completing an intensive “capstone” experiential course aligned to the IDOE new Work Based Learning course titles

o Contact: James Stradling,

 Pulaski County Community Foundation (Region 1) o Grant Funds Allocated: $82,354
o Private Matching Funds: $28,195
o Sector: Manufacturing

o Key Partners: Pulaski County Community Foundation, Pulaski County Economic Development Commission, Braun Corporation, Ivy Tech

o Start Date: Fall 2015 o Metrics:

 12 students enrolled (expanding up to 48)  75% earning certifications (9 students)

 75% earning dual credits (9 students)

o Highlights:
 The recently formed Pulaski County Manufacturing Coalition will lead the proposed innovative

curriculum, called RAM-Tech, through integration and alignment to business needs, state-approved standards, and Amatrol curriculum

  •   The RAM-Tech pipeline program will introduce Industrial Repair and Maintenance curriculum
  •   This curriculum “makes the industrial maintenance instruction model inherently innovative within a

    traditional academic high school setting”

  •   Will offer a Workforce Investment Act- and INtraining-approved, Certified Production Technician

    training program to help engage populations beyond traditional students

o Contact: Nathan Origer,

 Michigan City (Region 1)
o Grant Funds Allocated: $223,809
o Private Matching Funds: $141,785
o Sector: Energy
o Key Partners: NIPSCO, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), ArcelorMittal, Ivy Tech, Purdue

North Central
o Start Date: Fall 2015 o Metrics:

 115 students enrolled
 73% earning certifications (84 students)

 CEWD Energy Fundamentals, NCCER Level One Completion Certificate,  59% earning dual credits (68 students)

o Highlights:

  •   Includes Summer Energy Camps for students in grades 1 through 12 to provide awareness and

    engagement opportunities

  •   Creates a new two-credit, two-semester introductory energy course for 10th grade titled Energy Industry


  •   Creates new, intensive, six-credit full year courses titled Energy I and Energy II for 11th and 12th grade

    respectively where each student will be paired one-to-one with an industry mentor

  •   Incorporates a summer internship program sponsored by IBEW
  •   Dual credits earned in the Academy transfer directly to Purdue North Central’s four-year Bachelor’s

    Degree programs in Energy, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering

o Contact: Audra Peterson,

 Heartland Career Center (Region 3)
o Grant Funds Allocated: $134,886
o Private Matching Funds: $180,325
o Sector: Advanced Manufacturing
o Key Partners: Ford Meter Box, Wabash MPI/Carver, Kellam Inc., Global Precision Parts, Ivy Tech, Wabash

Chamber, Miami County Economic Development Commission o Start Date: Fall 2015
o Metrics:

 40 students enrolled
 75% earning certifications (27 students)

 MSSC, AWS, Introductory SENSE, NIMS, CPT, and APICS  75% earning at least 15 dual credits (27 students)
 100% completing a WBL experience (with internship preferred)

o Highlights:

  •   Creates the Collaborative Advanced Manufacturing Opportunities (CAMO) pathway
  •   HIRE curriculum combined with Ivy Tech Kokomo’s ITEP curriculum will create the Adv Mfg I and II

course curricula

  •   Members of the Manufacturing Alliance will serve on the new curriculum planning team to ensure alignment with regional industry needs
  •   Includes components of Indiana’s Work Ethic Certificate with “soft skills” standards and lessons combined with the WIN software and WorkKeys programs
  •   Conversations with CELL have begun to explore the possibility of Heartland Career Center using an Early College High School model with the CAMO initiative

o Contact: Mark Hobbs,

 Noblesville (Region 5)
o Grant Funds Allocated: $142,000
o Private Matching Funds: $736,150
o Sectors: Manufacturing, Automotive, and Construction
o Key Partners: Gaylor Electric Inc., Hare Chevrolet, ABC, SMC, Lincoln Tech, Ivy Tech o Start Date: Fall 2015
o Metrics:

 100 students enrolled (expandable up to 270)  100% earning certifications (100 students)

 100% earning dual credits (100 students)

 Total of 810 dual credits earned

o Highlights:
 Proposing a new curriculum titled the MAC Initiative comprised of three separate areas of focus:

  1. Manufacturing: collaborating with SMC to develop a new course curriculum, expanding on the HIRE curriculum where students will learn hands-on application of in-demand skills
  2. Automotive: collaboration between Hare Chevrolet and Lincoln College of Technology to create a new curriculum and lab space for students to begin their training as an Automotive Technician, Collision Repair Technician, or Diesel Technician

a. Student will learn the skills and knowledge required to pursue an ASE certification
3. Construction: will expand the courses offered in partnership with ABC to include welding due to

the current industry demand and will help remove barriers for students to pursue a level-one

apprenticeship status and get placed in an internship opportunity
 Creates a full-time job coach position for the first year of the MAC initiative to serve as the liaison across

all three initiatives
o Contact: Carrie Lively,

 New Castle Community Schools (Region 6) o Grant Funds Allocated: $49,982 o Private Matching Funds: $48,380 o Sector: Precision Machining

o Key Partners: 7 regional manufacturing businesses (not named), Ivy Tech o Start Date: Fall 2015 (currently in place but will expand with this grant) o Metrics:

 30 students enrolled
 100% of students earning certifications (30 students)

 NIMS (multiple variations), Technical Certificate in Machine Tool Technology  100% of students earning dual credits (30 students)

o Highlights:
 Curriculum will be developed for IDOE courses Precision Machine Trades 1 & II, each involving 1080

hours of instruction

  •   Six week Capstone Internship opportunities will be available during the Summer to students entering the 2nd year of the program
  •   Ivy Tech provides assistance for students enrolled in My Foundations, providing instruction for students not meeting academic levels on AccuPlacer necessary for upper level classes
  •   Utilizes Tooling U software to create a competency based model of instruction

o Contact: Robert Hobbs,

 Vigo County School Corporation (Region 7)
o Grant Funds Allocated: $303,125
o Private Matching Funds: $243,253
o Sector: AML (NEAT pathways, robotics pathway)
o Key Partners: multiple schools, Ivy Tech, Yaskawa Motoman, Sony DADC, Duke Energy Foundation, Chamber

Workforce Committee Terre Haute, WIB o Start date: Fall 2015
o Metrics:

 148 students (98 secondary and 50 adult learners)  Approximately. 85% earning a cert (125 students)  DX100 (Levels 1, 2, and3), NIMS

 Approximately. 80% earning dual credits (118 students) o Highlights:

  •   Builds on the New and Emerging Automation Technology (NEAT) pathway recently approved by IDOE
  •   The industry partnership forged with Yaskawa Motoman North America will allow high school students

    to earn a DX100 certification with a cost of only $25 each, reduced from the standard price of $1,700


  •   Support hiring a secondary and a post-secondary Motoman Endorsed Robotics Instructor Training

    (MERIT) instructor, whom will become “MERIT Instructor Certified”

  •   This curriculum addresses Industrial Robotics, but will also include standards for humanoid technology

    and drone robotics

o Contact: Doug Dillon,

 Scott County School District (Region 10)
o Grant Funds Allocated: $137,606
o Private Matching Funds: $62,652
o Sector: Manufacturing and Welding
o Key Partners: Amatrol, Mid-America Science Park, Ivy Tech, Mayor of Scottsburg, Prosser o Start Date: Fall 2015
o Metrics:

  •   52 students enrolled
  •   100% earning certifications and dual credits

 MSSC, AWS, Region 10 Work Ethic Certification
 100% will be involved in a 4-hour job-shadowing experience and a minimum 15-hour internship in both

Advanced Manufacturing and Welding programs o Highlights:

  •   This pilot program and certifications will strengthen and improve alignment of the Advanced Manufacturing and Welding pathways with the employment needs of regional companies
  •   Conferred with several regional businesses that will accept students for both job shadowing and participation in externships
  •   Incorporates the Work Ethic Certification in the curriculum

o Contact: Mark Watkins,



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