Gov. Holcomb concludes economic development trip to Belgium, France and Netherlands strengthening relationships with key industry partners

INDIANAPOLIS –Governor Eric J. Holcomb and First Lady Janet Holcomb returned late last week from an economic development trip to Belgium, France and the Netherlands. The Governor and First Lady were joined by Indiana Secretary of Commerce David Rosenberg and a delegation from the Applied Research Institute (ARI) in Belgium. While abroad, Gov. Holcomb and the delegation met with government officials, representatives from the semiconductor industry and leaders in energy. Gov. Holcomb paid respects to members of the armed forces during a visit to Normandy and traveled to Utah Beach with a Hoosier D-Day veteran.


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    American soldiers died, gave their lives, all over the beaches and soil of Normandy during D-Day.

    When we were kids, those exact same soldiers, now older men with families, would always honor those fallen dead on Memorial Day in the cemetary. Gave their lives for their country. Actual heroes, not cartoon heroes.

    Memorial Day in the cemetery. It was really something. The firing of the guns. We would collect the brass shells, expelled by the gun chambers, and save them.

    When Donald Trump visited Normandy? D-Day?
    He called those same soliders “losers” and said they “were suckers” for being so stupid.
    The guy was the US President!

    God help the people who like Trump. The guys is a total scumbag, and he thinks his supporters are idiots. But they send him money, so, he pretends he cares about them.

    “Losers.” “Suckers.” C’mon folks. What are you thinking?

  2. Trump never said that…….more lies from marxist demoncrats and fake news like krull……The demoncrat party has been trying to destroy America since they lost the civil war………………….

    • No. You are wrong.

      Trump’s OWN Chief of Staff, confirmed Trump called not only those US Soldiers, but our current US Soldiers, losers and suckers.

      Satan tells lies. It’s his nature. Satan’s followers tell lies too.

  3. He said She said blah blah…… and krull are demoncrat marxist liars….. russia russia…….hunters laptop…… name a few ………

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