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Our opponent, the appointed Sheriff, can’t win with ideas. So, he has taken to bullying!
I want to personally let you know that several of our supporters have recently been accosted by the appointed Sheriff because they chose to express their God given Constitutional Right of Free Political Expression!
Our opponent and/or one of his representatives is making unannounced visits to deputies, citizens, and business owners to question, badger, harass, and even threaten them for choosing to have a Byram for Sheriff Sign.
I want to warn you that this is being done and here is my response.
First, we have and will continue to keep a list of the names, dates, and comments made to each of these violations of your rights.
Second, I am urging anyone with a Byram for Sheriff Sign who has been or is contacted by our opponent and/or anyone on his behalf to let me or any of my campaign staff know the person, date, and comments made. Also, was that person in a Sheriff’s Office Uniform?
Third, if this harassment continues, a formal complaint will be filed with the Vanderburgh County Election Office, the Prosecutor’s Office, and the Indiana Attorney General.
You have a choice! Express it! It is your God given Constitutional Right!
I have promised you that my first priority as Vanderburgh County Sheriff will be to keep you and your family safe! That includes keeping you safe from being bullied by the appointed Sheriff.


  1. This is the first I have heard of this !
    Is this for real ?
    Or just more political mudslinging
    Evansville seems to be very good at this
    with all the bull sh** over the VP of City
    Counsel being twisted out of context.

  2. Citizens have had their fill of government secrecy, and the same would hold true for these accusations. If they did indeed happen, then lets get the who, what, where, when, how, and why of the story out there. It is best to be honest and up front with the public, and in turn they will repay you at the polls.


  3. I have been contacted two times by Weddings rep about a Byram sign at my business, once by phone and once by personal visit, it would be three times if you count the time I didn’t answer my phone trying to get a recording.
    I don’t take kindly to intimidation but the thought of retribution for supporting the “wrong” candidate frightens me and it should you too.

  4. I’m sure Wedding is sleezy, but can I really trust an associate of Ira Bummer?

  5. I’ve seen it Good Ole Boy and Good Ol’ Boy network but never Good Old Boy. That does bring attention to the fact that anyone who feels jaded by the current group of political fat cats need not be a prisoner of the moment as they will all be in nursing homes sooner than later with a whole new generation and thought process not too far off in the future.

    As for sheriff, this race really is a tough one for me. I’ve been back and forth on it but am currently 50-50. One side represents the dem machine while the other the rep machine.

    I’m going to sit back and watch these next few months to see which candidate wants to be a populist and an agent for change.

  6. I learned this week that Dave Wedding supported consolidation.
    Wrong answer.
    I will not support anybody who supported consolidation.
    And I’m telling all of my friends in the county – and that ought to do the trick.

    • I tried again all night to find one media or campaign article about consolidation with Wedding’s name in it. No luck. I tried to find him speaking for consolidation at the public debates. No luck.
      I also tried to find one article or debate that showed Byram speaking against consolidation. Again, no luck.
      Wedding did not work for consolidation anymore than Byram worked against it.
      Byram sat back and waited until AFTER the vote. Then says he was against it. That is not leadership. That is like picking your lottery numbers after the numbers have been drawn and calling your self a winner.
      The irony is that this Byram letter is about “god given constitutional right to chose” and bullying. But then Byram supporters are telling anyone who exercised their right to chose, but did not agree with them, is going to pay for it at the polls.

  7. The voters expect to hear that the Byram campaign has filed a formal complaint with the election board. Otherwise the “good ol boy” talk and bullying accusations are just muckraking. It just makes the Byram camp sound juvenile. What is clear from this article, is the “win at all costs” strategy that the Byram camp is planning to use during this race. Voters will show how much they disdain such tactics in November.

    Although there just may be something to the bullying allegations. During Wedding’s swearing-in, it appeared that about 90 deputies had been bullied into attending. I guess about 10 deputies couldn’t break away from their duties and the other 10 support Byram. Jail staff was also represented well at that event. As was the civilian staff. Are we to assume that all of those folks were bullied into supporting Sheriff Wedding? Or was the “good ol boy” system promising all of those folks a more desirable position.

    It was an overwhelming show of support by the people who work with Sheriff Wedding. I can think of no one better to ask about who is more qualified to run the Sheriffs department than those employees.

    Byram is a good man. He’s just not ready to run a clean campaign (or the Sheriffs department). I’m afraid if he continues to focus on such petty smear tactics he is going to end up embarrassing himself. I ask those of you who do not know him to overlook this “Good Old Boy Politics Strike Again” article. I hope it is attributable to his political inexperience and expect better from him in the near future.

    • What a load of bunk, no amount of spin or BS from you is going to change the fact that I and others have been intimidated about our support of Byram.

      I have valid reasons for NOT backing Dave Wedding and it had nothing to do with the man himself until these “contacts”.

      I would postulate that your pompous claims of “petty smear tactics” is Kirk Byrams attempt to STOP the intimidation and he’s doing that because he’s a man of honor.

      • I might also add that the “Good ole Boy” network is on full display as Eric Williams steps aside before his term is up,,,,like a good soldier,,,anybody with half a brain can see that.

        • I will grant you that most of the public can see through, and do not like, the sleazy political maneuver of Williams leaving early, in an attempt to give an advantage to Wedding in the coming election.

          The public is also leery of choosing sides based on incomplete information. In this case, there is no reason for the information to be incomplete.

          Statements have been made that certain individuals have been intimidated. If these people do not come forward with their names and descriptions of these incidents, or signed affidavits, then the public has every right to be skeptical.

          • OK Press, put yourself in my shoes, my business is in the county, ultimately it will come down to my word against Dave Weddings rep with which I have had business dealings with and know to be a pathological liar,,,and I’m not the only one in the area to know about him, his reputation ain’t so good. I actually have some evidence to support my views as to the character of said rep.

            Now lets say Dave Wedding supports these “friendly” phone calls and visits by his friend/rep and I expose my name and business and he wins,,,,,,,that is a little frightening in my book what with his tactics and all.

            Just Sayin

  8. Little Johnnie comes up to his Mother and says “Mommy,mommy little two boys at school are bullying me”. Mother says “Johnny, we can’t have that. Tell me their names and we will contact the proper authorities at school”. Johnny says ” but Mommy, I can’t do that, the other kids will call me a tattle tale and they will not buy lemonade from me any more”. Mother says “then take care of it and confront them yourself”. “But Mommy, I can’t do that they might beat me up”. “Johnny, if you won’t let me contact the proper authorities and you will not confront them yourself, I truly have a tough time believing your story. One way or another, be a big boy or stop your whining”. “Mommy, I have an idea. Let me borrow your cell phone and I will secretly record them the next time they bother me”.

  9. The Byram for Sheriff campaign has numerous, documented complaints from supports, both citizens and deputies, of harassment and bullying by Dave Wedding himself. His typical pitch is “I got you this job” or some other similar lie. It’s shameful that we have a person of such low moral character and intelligence wearing the sheriff’s badge. Many other shocking facts about the Accidental Sheriff will be coming out between now and November. I can personally guarantee you that every word that comes from the Byram campaign are 100% true. We’ve never had a sheriff’s election where the difference in the quality of the candidates is so large. I hope my fellow business owners, citizens and voters are smart enough to see that difference and elect a truly qualified and moral man in November.

    • We have read on the CCO accusations of bullying and harrassment by or on behalf of Wedding for days.Until these accusations are turned over to the Police/Prosecutor for investigation, they will remain accusations. Nothing short of this will suffice. It’s time to put up or shut up. A bankruptcy is not a deal breaker. Bad things happen to good people. However, imho, any reason short of a mountain of debt resulting from medical bills could be seen as taking the easy way out. I do know one thing:monies used to purchase a Hummer would take a big chunk out of anyone’s indebtedness. Just sayin……

      • The incidents need to be documented as to the who, what, where, when, how, and why, and made public.

        As far as handing them over to the local prosecutor, if you expect any action, regardless of which party is holding that office, good luck. If neither party’s Prosecutor could prosecute a clear cut case of dual office holding that went on for years, It would suggest there is something larger going on in the background that has tainted, and left a stain, on that office.

        Get it out there and let the public decide.


    • Read carefully. We have numerous documented complaints. I didn’t say I was one of them. As low class and scared as the opposition is, I don’t think they’re quite that dumb, as to try and flip me.

      I’m simply giving the public the facts. I own multiple businesses, I’m college educated, a lifelong resident, well know and, hopefully, well respected. I would hope the public would know I’m telling the truth as opposed to someone who hides behind a screen name.

      • Calling the opposition low class is not a smart statement coming from an “educated” person. Believe me, your statement of owning multiple businesses, being college educated and a lifelong resident does not make you any more believeable than anyone else. What it does say is that you seem to feel that you are a little higher on the evolutionary ladder than Joe Q. Public. Shame on you.
        I have lived in EVV since ’79 and do not personally know either candidate. I have no allegiance to either political party, I just want to vote for what I determine to be the best man for the job. Making continuing claims of bullying and harrassment does not put a checkmark on the positive side of the old “T” graph for Mr Byram. IMHO, every day that goes by without turning these “documented” claims over to the proper authorities makes Mr Byram less believeable. I wouldn’t expect any law suits to be filed, but the submission of said documented claims to the authorities would put a checkmark on the positive side for Mr Byram.

      • Spoken like a true elitist.

        Hopefully Byram will distance himself from your “ends justify the means” style of campaigning. It is his name on the line not Steve Hammer’s. These so-called documented incidents have not been documented by anyone besides anonymous posters on media message boards. Oh and of course the well educated and wealthy Steve Hammer says you can trust him because he’s heard the stories second hand.

        I know the low class dollars that I choose to spend elsewhere than the Roca Bar North won’t make much of a difference to Steve’s bottom line, but I will miss sitting on the patio watching the Boat Monkeys and others. He can use someone else’s dollars to slander Dave Wedding, a 33 year public servant, and make candidate Kirk Byram look childish in the media. Neither of these men deserve this. Shame on whoever is behind it.

  10. Give us the names of those being targeted, or have them come out themselves. Anybody can make accusations.

    • You have my name, it’s 1countryboy, what more do you need and why would it make any difference,,,,,it certainly hasn’t with the demonization/slandering of Kirk Byram.

      Bottom line is my word is not good enough or ever will be, how does one provide “documentation” or “proof” of events between individuals.

      All I can tell you is it happened and I have no agenda, I thought I was providing a public service.

      What I have learned is you can’t have dialogue with a demoncrat, they would defend Satan himself.


      • Uh, no we have an online moniker. If you put your real name in any above post I didn’t see it because I didn’t read any of them. BTW what democrat did you have dialogue with?

      • Making these claims without publicly providing names and dates is nothing but hot air. If by making these claims you believe you are helping Mr Byram, you are sadly mistaken. Where’s the beef?

  11. Just saw on the news someone has come out and said they were harassed, now we have a name. No longer just an accusation. Now it’s really interesting.


    Really? Much ado about nothing. Watch the report for yourself folks.

    Wedding asks one business owner why he changed his mind and another to stay neutral.

    Bullying and intimidation is in the eye of the beholder I suppose.

    But it really shows the Byram camp is prone to hyperbole. Byram may have a credibility issue after this ridiculous exaggeration.

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