Gas Price Map of the United States: How do we compare?


Between the disruptions in supply threatened by Hurricane Isaac and the possible shut down of a Philadelphia refinery the predictions of higher gas prices come true. It is once again a good time to see just how Evansville is shaping up in the latest price gouge?

Evansville stations reporting range from a high of $3.95 to a low of $3.60 while across the money saving bridge in Henderson there is no difference at all so don’t bother heading to the Bluegrass state for a deal? Gas Buddy is still reporting that the average price in Evansville is $3.88 and rising but that was yesterday and today most of our information looks as though $3.95 is the prevailing price.

Nationally Santa Barbara, CA is the biggest loser with an average of $4.33 whole El Paso has the cheapest gas at $3.37. Evansville holds its typical position of a dime or so above above the median at $3.77.


  1. Yesterday, saw gasoline retailed at 3.749 to 3.759 at the stations who price competitively in Evansville. Marina Pointe fueling station was retailing at 3.679 same time. Noticed wholesale price dropped .07 overnight (I seriously doubt retail price will reflect that drop), but is forecast to jump substantially due to Isaac’s effects on Gulf refineries.

    Keep in mind that Indiana and Federal taxes combine to add 62c to wholesale gasoline price. Kentucky’s tax apparently is a bit lower than Indiana’s. You can view wholesale price on CNBC ticker. It’s been jumping up and down for past couple of days.

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