Gallup Rasmussen Polls September 3, 2012


The Rasmussen Tracking poll today shows President Obama trailing Mitt Romney by 48% – 44% with while Gallup’s Tracking poll shows the President leading at 47% -46%.

The average of these two polls is now showing the Romney/Ryan campaign with 47.0% and the Obama/Biden at 45.5% for a Romney lead of 1.5%.

The average approval rate for President Obama is at negative 4.0% meaning that 4.0% more of those polled disapprove than approve of the Presidents job performance. The average approval rating for the President was 45.5% and the average disapproval was 49.5% largely on the big increase in disapproval in the Gallup poll.

Real Clear Politics today has an average of 8 polls has the race tied at 46.4%. Since the Republican Convention Romney has made small advances daily as new polls are introduced while President Obama’s numbers have stayed the same.

All polls continue to indicate that between 7% and 8% of those polled have not yet expressed an opinion putting the undecideds in a position to choose the next President. These numbers are down from 10% earlier in the week with substantially all of the undecideds breaking for Romney. Changes in polling as a result of the Republican Convention have started to show up in polls.

The Democrat Convention is this week with the President needing to ebb the flow of undecided voters expressing their choice for Romney. The race remains a statistical dead heat with 8 states within the margin of error of the most recent polls.


  1. I guess that the nutjob who was whining about the poll stat analysis by the CCO is happier than a pig in poop now that the numbers have been going in his direction. Let’s keep telling him he’s winning just to keep his mouth shut!

  2. Dr John Tripped Out

    What is your problem? I simply asked that CCO show all the polls and all the top numbers, and by doing that they show all the information and not just the partisan right-leaning polls of Gallup and Rasmussen.

    You’re a typical whiner who likes the polls when they lean your way, but when they don’t you gripe about it. Just accept that reporting ALL the facts allowed the entire picture to be evaluated, which reduces any bias.

    Deal with it, dude!

    • We are fine with adding the RCP poll to the daily report. Sometimes they will include some off the wall poll that will have a candidate +10 and corrupt their results. For the last week they are tracking very well with the polls we chose so who is to say whether the race is tied or +/-0.5 for either candidate. At this point the race is statistically tied in every national poll of any merit.

  3. Thanks Joe Wallace for being fair to both sides.

    Tomorrow is another day and with a new poll!

    The drama continues!

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