Gallup-Rasmussen Poll Average: August 20, 2012


The Rasmussen Tracking poll today shows Mitt Romney with a 44% – 43% lead President Obama Romney while Gallup’s Tracking poll shows Romney maintaining a lead of 47% – 45%.

The average of these two polls is now showing the Romney/Ryan campaign with 45.5% and the Obama/Biden at 44.0% both garnering slightly less support than last week.

The average approval rate for President Obama is now even meaning that the same percentage of those polled approve and disapprove of the Presidents job performance. The average approval rating for the President was 48.0% and the average disapproval was 48%.

In an examination of all polls published after August 13th and applying them to the elector count, if the election were held today and the most recent polls are accurate Romney would win the presidency over Obama by an electoral vote of 282 – 256


  1. I think the bigger news here is that BOTH are in the low 40s.

    Where’s the other 11% in this poll? My guess is they’re off somewhere being disgusted this is what we have to choose from.

    • It’s August: They’re on vacation. That’s why the polling process doesn’t get reliable until the day after Labor Day.

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