GAGE Executive Committee List to Accommodate Readers Requests


Carrie Ellspermann, Old National Bank
President, Old National Wealth Management
Chairman, GAGE Board

DAN ARENS, Business Developer
Vice Chairman, GAGE Board

DANIEL C. BUGHER, Vectren Corporation
Vice President of Performance Management
Past GAGE Chairman

Dr. Ed Jones, University of Southern Indiana
Former Vice Provost for Outreach & Dean of Extended Services

W.D. “Turk” Walton, Jr.
Keep Evansville Beautiful Board
Public Education Foundation Board
Secretary, GAGE Board


Mayor, City of Evansville

Commissioner, Vanderburgh County

President, County Council


  1. wow-the President of Gage is also the Old National Bank President of the ONB Wealth Management. I know where not invest my new inheritance! (impressive figure)!

  2. Beacon of Hope

    I also have a family member planning an extensive and expense move across town. Mr. Shelter shouldn’t expect us to use his moving company.

    Sometimes the taxpayers can effect political people who prove not to be good stewart of our tax money.

    Maybe it’s time you’all join Beacon of Hope and me and do similar.

  3. Thank God we have a movement i can enbrace. Let the boycott begin by not using the Mayors wife as your Realor, don’t use Shelter Moving and dont use Old National Bank Wealth Management Group for future investment advice.

    Join me fellow Tea Baggers because it’s time for the “Economic Boycott” to begin. Lets send a loud and clear message to self serving elected officials and politically appointed board members who feel that they shouldn’t be held accountable in the way they spend our tax dollars.

  4. For past transgressions, don’t use Goldman’s Pawn Shop. I wouldn’t recommend using any pawn shop, but to each his/her own.

  5. I wonder if GAGE carries errors and omissions insurance on Dewey and the board. If this goes wrong due to negligent vetting they will carry the burden of responsibility.

    • What about those 5 idiots on City Council? Is there any accountability for elected officials that vote negligently?

  6. Well, here’s my list of people on the board of GAGE who I don’t trust: Dan Arens, Dr. Ed Jones (V-P of Outreach? Gimmie a Break!), W.D. “Turk” Walton, Jr. (Keep Evansville Beautiful-How’s That Been Working for Us?!), and Stephen Melcher (has this guy ever accomplished anything of substance other than win elections?).

    And here’s my list of people I do trust: Tom Shetler (at least he’s in church every Sunday that I’m there, and that, if nothing else, is reassuring) and Carrie Ellspermann, who is a least bondable, which is more than I can say for many of the politicians in this county!

    • What about the other two. Do you trust Mayor Winnecke or that Bugher guy from Vectren?

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