Funding In Route For E-REP Local Quality Of Life Projects


Funding in route for E-REP local quality of life projects

MAY 13, 2024

E-REP Southwest Indiana will receive $45 million as part of a state-led effort to support local quality of place and quality of life initiatives.

Recently, Indiana awarded $500 million to 15 regions representing all 92 counties statewide through the expansion of the Indiana Regional Acceleration and Development Initiative or READI 2.0. Due to years of responsible budgeting and conservative leadership, our state’s enviable fiscal position allowed us to make this significant investment while also keeping taxes low. The state’s total investment in this round of funding is expected to yield nearly $11 billion in overall investments from public and private sources.

The Southwest Indiana region, led by the Regional Development Authority, includes Vanderburgh, Warrick, Gibson, and Posey counties. It’s exciting to see Southwest Indiana land the maximum award amount. We’re keeping our foot on the gas to attract talent, improve the quality of the place, and build on our thriving business environment, and it’s paying off. This level of investment can be transformational for Southwest Indiana and our vision for the future.

The state evaluated regional proposals based on a variety of factors, including economic development potential, alignment with the state’s priorities, such as population growth, per capita income growth, growth in employment opportunities, educational attainment, housing units developed, childcare capacity and innovation activities as well as the level of focus on rural communities, and the degree of regional collaboration.