Friedman Park Event Center Ground Breaking

Warrick County broke ground on the 16,000 square foot Friedman Park Event Center. This modern lodge, multi-use facility is set within the 180 acres of Friedman Park in Warrick County.  The Event Center’s design will allow it to host a wide range of events, conferences and corporate functions as well as community and business events. The Event Center will be a significant asset to pair with the adjacent Victoria National Golf Club, one of the nation’s top courses for future tournaments, events and corporate retreats.
The Friedman Park, infrastructure, and event center make up $11.6 million transformative project that is part of the Regional Cities Initiative driven by the State of Indiana. The Regional Cities Initiative designated three regions through a competitive process to receive $42 million for talent attraction projects to be leveraged by additional public and private investment. Once called the Victoria National Conference Center in the plan for Indiana’s Great Southwest, the project will receive $2,000,000 from Regional Cities funding and the remaining from public county funding and local private investment.
“Regional planning and transformational quality of place projects are vital to continuing to propel Indiana’s economy forward,” said Elaine Bedel, president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. “The Friedman Park Event Center is one piece of a strategic plan to enhance culture, vitality and livability across Southwest Indiana, supporting efforts to retain and attract top talent in Warrick County and throughout the region.”
“Warrick County has extraordinary vision in providing residents with useful and desired amenities,” said Beth Mcfadin Higgins, president of the Southwest Indiana Regional Development Authority. “The Friedman Park Event Center is a welcomed addition to the health and recreation focus of the community and is certainly a talent attracting location for residents and visitors of Indiana’s Great Southwest.”
“The Friedman Park Event Center will allow us to create new and exciting opportunities for the region by leveraging two of our area’s finest resources, Friedman Park and Victoria National Golf Course. Resident and visitors alike will benefit from the transformative project,” said Dan Saylor, Warrick County Commissioner.
The project completion date is fall of 2020.Friedman Park Event Center breaks ground