Mole #??
Mole #??
IS IT TRUE We received many inquiries over the last several months from our readers concerning the accurate accounting of  all City of Evansville legal work mandated by the Mayor’s office?  …we have been told by several county and city officials alike that we may be surprised to find out the real costs to out source all city legal work mandated by the Mayor’s office over the last several years?
IS IT TRUE the City Council approved about $600,000 for the Mayor’s legal counsel for the  for this year?  …this figure doesn’t include any general liability claims work, workman comp issues, bond council work, Evansville Airport Authority District work and ERC contracts?


IS IT TRUE recently the City County Observer presented the Evansville Airport Authority District with a “Freedom of Information” request asking for the following information?  …our request stated the following:  Please provide the City County Observer with copies of checks or a listing of all payments made to all attorneys for legal services, including litigation, provided on behalf of the Evansville Airport Authority District during 2012 and 2013?  …the attached legal payments link made to the Mayor’s legal counsel by the Evansville Airport Authority District isn’t part of the annual budgets approved in 2012 and 2013 by City Council for legal fees paid to the Mayor’s legal counsel?


IS IT TRUE  posted below is the link with legal payments made to the Mayor’s legal counsel  provided to us by the Evansville  Airport Authority District? … we feel this information will be extremely helpful for City Council to discuss and decides either to continue to out source or require the legal work of the city to be done in house?

Click here for legal payments link made to the Mayor’s legal counsel for 2012 and 2013 by the Evansville Airport Authority District:   airport2


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      Ole Tom should take a cue from John S and sleep in some mornings.

  1. Is it true the Evansville Airport owns Thunderbolt Pass golf course (formerly Hamilton’s GC)?

    • I don’t know whether they own it or manage it but either way it is VERY poorly maintained.

      • To be honest, it has been for years. I remember going to a scramble there in 1994 and it looked bad then.

  2. CCO,

    don’t settle for just a Word document. Ask for the actual invoices. Don’t let them bullshit you that they aren’t available. They can redact the name of the other party, but let’s see the ‘meat’.

    • Agreed with earlier poster. Why would a listing of invoices fulfill a FOIA request ? Show us the actual invoices.

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