Freedom Makers Release Mayoral Report Card


Freedom Makers Mayoral_Report_Card


  1. This is interesting but who are the “Freedom Makers”? And what credentials do they offer?

  2. Subjective answe from Davis on abortion? Rick doesn’t believe in protecting the unborn how subjective is that?

    • Rick Davis does not dispute that he is pro-choice. How is not protecting the unborn anything but a Freedom Taker?

  3. Yeah! Rick is a Freedom Maker! He supports ObamaCare, and a tax raise for government employees. This makes all sorts of sense!

  4. 292 ask a valid question. Who are they? Far right wing Tea Party group?

    It is very surprising that the CCO would give good space to indicate how Freedom Makers view the mayor’s race. A slow news day??

    Whoever they are, they got a right to their opinion–buy give it space?

  5. Are we being a little sensitive? I am just stating a valid question and expressing an opinion. You got the right to have your site and state whatever you want. The CCO has a right to put anything that want on their news page. The CCO is establishing itself as creditable news site and needs to act that way to get to the top and be financially profitable.

  6. Please don’t shoot the messenger, this website gives great content.
    I’ve been following it for some time now and can honestly not say whether it is conservative or progressive .
    I think that’s a good thing.
    Like back when we old fardies ,like me, were told that that is what the news media is here for.
    A backstop for BS that the pols feed us.

  7. Is this Frank Peterlin’s group?

    Frank is a good guy. Sincere, smart, and completely independent-minded.

    • This group has no connection with Frank Peterlin. I think Frank’s group is Tri-State Tea Party.

  8. I’m not sure, but I think that the Freedom Makers are the local chapter of the Tea Party, or at least at one time they were. Maybe they have morphed into something else. There is no doubt that they are conservatives. With this article it is safe to say that this election will go down in history as one of the most bizzare political contests in the history of Indiana, maybe the whole country. I’ve never seen so many Democrats supporting a Republican and so many Republicans supporting a Democrat in my entire life. You’ve got to go back to the presidential election of 1972 to recall this much animous toward the Democratic Party (1980 and 1984 were a close second).

  9. Everything makes more sense if you just switch the letters next to their names:

    Davis (R)
    Winnecke (D)


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