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Four Pinocchios and a Pants on Fire




Although the President repeated the promise, “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it” over 36 times, millions of Americans are receiving cancellation notices from their providers.

Just yesterday, we found out that 250,000 health plans in Colorado are being cancelled, while only four people have enrolled in Delaware.

In fact, “Health insurance cancellation notices soar above ObamaCare enrollment rates.”

What’s worse? NBC reports that despite the repetition of his broken promise, President Obama has known for over three years that that cancellation notices would plague mailboxes across the country.

Which is why the Washington Post found the President’s claim so outrageous that they gave it four Pinocchios .

So the President reverted back to the usual campaign-style tactics to rewrite history and add a caveat to one of his most well-known and discredited promises.

But Politifact.com, gave the President a “Pants on Fire” rating because he, “…is ignoring the overwhelming majority of times he addressed the issue.”

And while top insurers are preparing for a one-year delay in the law, the President is waging an offensive to blame insurance companiesfor the disastrous impacts of his law.

Yet, the Washington Post rightfully highlighted that this is only “…a classic case of misdirection” and gave it three Pinocchios.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reminded us that, “ObamaCare’s broken promises, cancellations are only the beginning.”

It’s no wonder House and Senate Democrats are joining their Republican colleagues in calling for a one-year delay of the law.  One prominent Senate Democrat even referred to the President’s handling of the rollout as a “crisis of confidence.”


  1. the chickens have come to roost for commie obamachev and his liberal worshipers……

  2. millions and millions of hard working Americans along with Americans with health problems lose their coverage because of obamacare and the community organizer knew it for 3yrs…….this is a national disgrace…….impeach ……….

  3. When asked about all of the cancellations Obama lied again & played it down saying “But it only effects 5% of the country”.
    That’s a cold-hearted statement, grossly inaccurate & rising everyday. IMPEACH!!!

  4. So, just curious, anyone jumping into this conversation attempting to defend this abject failure of a lying POS, excuse me POTUS is, in effect, casting a vote for liars everywhere ??

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