Former Commissioner Musgrave Urges East Side Location for IU Medical School

Cheryl Musgrave
Cheryl Musgrave

Dear Editor,

Soon, the Indiana University Board of Trustees will decide where the new medical campus will locate. I ask them to look to the future with this decision, taking into consideration the needs of the students by factoring long-term population trends and transportation infrastructure to support future growth.

The Promenade on the east side of Evansville meets student’s needs today and has space for tomorrow’s growth. It is ready to build, has modern roads, and nothing needs to be torn down so no one is displaced. Students will find plenty of quality housing within walking distance along with all the shops they probably already frequent. New business will encounter a planned community in the works unlike anything else in Evansville today. This room for growth in a beautiful, walk able streetscape is exactly what young people tell us they want.

Students will reach this new campus on the best roads around, whether they drive or take one of the several bus lines. They will find plenty of free parking nearby in a safe environment. For students living far from home, the airport is close by. Let’s reduce travel time and costs to the students and faculty by making the right choice for the new medical campus.

This area is where people have chosen to move over the last decade and every signal supports its continuing growth. It is the right place to put our best foot forward for both today student’s and tomorrow’s business.

Cheryl Musgrave


  1. So …… Is this a Republican that isn’t in lock step with the mayor and Mr Parke?


  2. Thank you Cheryl for using common sense and also for speaking the truth
    it would be nice if all Politicans (dem/rep) would learn from Cheryl’s actions

    • For once, we’re on the same page! If good conscience is used in making the decision, the school will go to the Promenade. The bottom line for me is that I want it someplace in this county, but downtown is not a good plan.

  3. “This room for growth in a beautiful, walk able streetscape is exactly what young people tell us they want.”

    – Thanks for listening to the youngsters Cheryl. It shows that voices are being heard.

  4. That Med School needs to be as far away from the grasp of the local peanut politicians as possible.

    Put it at USI where it should be harder for the crony group to work their magic. I say should be harder, knowing full well that Ted Ziemer is on the board of trustees at USI. The guy has a finger in every pie in town.


  5. Looks like Cheryl is locking political horns with Marsha Abell, the Mayor and Wayne Parke. Thanks Cheryl for standing against the political machine. I hear that people are urging her to run against Winnenke. I hope the hell she does.

    • She’s also participating in the ACLU-sponsored discussion on the Cross-A-Palooza lawsuit to be held Wednesday at noon, as a conservative on the panel. It does appear that she’s gearing up for a run at something, and I’ve heard Winnecke may be her target, too.
      She’s always appeared competent to me. She just made a bad decision to run for the last office she went after. That seat will be Gail’s as long as she wants it.

  6. The 30,000 foot view favors downtown and the core. The street level view favors warrick county. How dumb and hypocritical can this city be to say the only place the arena could be built was downtown (correct) because the previous location was landlocked only to now be completely boxing in the Ford Center with an incompatible med school?

    Winnecke had yet another golden opportunity to construct a project that would be iconic for years and fuse many areas together around it. But he blew it and he blew it big time. I sure hope he faces a primary challenge.

    • No need for primary elections. According to Chairman Parke, he is fully capable of selecting the candidates for office.


  7. How is an empty field next to an interstate, behind a walmart really going to create anything special? If it is on the east side, it will just look like more suburban sprawl.

    If you want walkability, every street in downtown already has a sidewalk. The east side has no sidewalks. The people waiting for the busses over there sit above a mud puddle because even the bus stops don’t have a concrete pad.

    Downtown will offer housing to students who can walk to school or a restaurant or bar. The med school will be a main economic driver for housing in downtown. Placing the school on the east side will just create more cookie-cutter apartment housing that really adds very little value to our community.

    Those “PROMENADE COMING SOON” signs have been there for over a decade. This is the developers hail-mary to get people to build there.

    • The only thing downtown has to offer is sidewalks , and most intelligent people avoid those when the sun goes down.

      Do you really ant to mention signs thqt have been up for years? The most popular signs in downtown Evansville are “For Lease” signs and they have been there for yeqrs. Old “for lease” signs represent a stagnate area, but coming soon represents growth and change.

      But you can choose to ignore the obvious signs like traffic and new constrution on the eastside, heck you can even hype up your “vibrant” (LOL) downtown. But you cant change the facts. The easide is logistical and logically the better opiltion with its already existing resturants, lodging and shopping, three things that downtown Evansville is lacking and will always lack.

      Downtown Evansville is a perfect of “just because you build it doesn’t necessarily mean they will come”. Lets start doing what’s right for Evansville as a hole and lets stop throwing money and resources at this failed experiment.

  8. Housing within walking distance??

    Anybody here ever seen a pedestrian on the East side? On Morgan? Green River? Burkhardt? Cross Pointe??

    What is she yammering about?

    • The Promenade is a planned community so everything is with in walking distance………..What a dumb ass Benton is……..

      • Brains is right. There is zero pedestrian traffic out there. Side note, this woman strikes me as a Michelle Bachmann type airhead.

    • When was the last time you drove down Burkardt or Cross Point? Apts. are going up at the present time. THAT is the only good place for the Med School

    • It depends on how you define “walking distance”. There are some apartments close by. Three or four complexes, Brooklyn Place and Crosslake among them, are “walking distance” by my definition, especially if some sidewalks are put in.
      If this school goes downtown, I think most of the students and faculty will still opt to live on the east side or in Warrick County. We still haven’t evolved on the “walkability” issue enough in these parts.
      Even if the entire faculty, staff, and student body are “forced” to live downtown by the Mayor and his henchmen holding them at gunpoint, it still won’t be enough people to support any significant retail location. Brick-and-mortar shopping is going the way of the horse and buggy, except for groceries, gas, and a few other consumables.
      The most basic rule of marketing is that “retail attracts retail” and that won’t happen downtown until there is a healthy supply of middle class housing. Does anybody envision that happening?

  9. Marsha-Marsha-Marsha. Vote for Bruce Ungethiem for 4th District County Commissioner.

    It’s time for a change!

    Hope Marsha will enjoying her retirement in Florida .

  10. Shhhhhh! What is that I hear? It’s a distinct sucking sound coming from across the bypass in Warrick County right next to the Gateway Medical complex. The wringing of hands is reaching a crescendo !

  11. Watch out Cheryl, Mayor Winnenke, Wayne Parke and Marsha Abell are going to try to discredit you like they are presently trying to do to the CCO.

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