Flower Pot Meetings Healthy Green Space


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to hear the VOICE results and what more than 1,700 citizens said they wanted for our community’s preferred future.

Please join us to learn and celebrate the three areas chosen for community initiatives and launch our next steps.

Flower Pot Meetings

Healthy Green Space

VOICE respondents continuously repeated their desire to be outside and active in their communities. The impor- tance they placed on our community’s health and wellbeing was both tremendous and encouraging.

City Core

Evansville consists of many great neighborhoods and cultural hotspots such as Franklin Street, Downtown, Haynie’s Corner, the Historic District and the universities. It is our hope to further support, connect and promote these treasures.


Evansville residents recognize that there are a variety of opportunities to engage with their city and want to highlight, showcase, and celebrate them in a more organized and collective way! Also bring fresh, new opportunities for

citizens to intensively experience with the goal of creating a demand for these experiences to remain in our community.


•Healthy Green Space 10/15/13 at Old National Bank Atrium 5:30 p.m.

•City Core 10/30/13 at
Arts Council Gallery 5:30 p.m.

•Experiences 11/6/13 at
Tin Man Brewing Co. 5:30 p.m.

Family Friendly! Food and Refreshments! Lots of Fun!

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