“FloatGate” Approved for Publication in Urban Dictionary


Democratic Parade Float

This morning the City County Observer submitted the term “FloatGate” for consideration to be included in the online dictionary called Urban Dictionary. This afternoon we received notification that this word will be joining Snegal (sneaky but legal) as the second word that has been formed as a result of the CCO reporting on the antics of politics in Evansville.

The approved definition and example are as follows

FloatGate: An orchestrated political event created when a prominent political leader is removed from a float in a parade conspicuously so as to cause embarrassment for a candidate for office.

Example: When the policeman called for a warrant to be served on a local democratic official during a parade at the time that the official was on a float, his public handcuffing attracted enough media attention that it became known as FloatGate.


  1. Truth is, one would think that in order to merit the suffix “gate” the incident should be a proven conspiracy by one or the other political camps principle to an election, as in Watergate, and that a subsequent investigation has revealed the culprits to be linked to and directed by a paranoid or psychotic someone at or very near the top of the food chain. Right?

    • Wasn’t Watergate just the name of the building where the investigation took place? Of course the whole —–gate thing has really gone crazy with nannygate, weinergate, etc. It sounds good and is widely associated with cloak and dagger malfeasance.

      Even Heaven’s Gate out in San Diego had a sinister ring to it.

  2. Congratulations,
    Have you considered submitting this word to other non-credible websites such as:
    Encyclopedia Dramatica
    The Onion

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