Firefighters Local #357 PAC Primary Endorsements


TO: Evansville Area Media Outlets
FROM: Evansville Firefighters Local 357 PAC
DATE: March 18, 2011
RE: 2011 City of Evansville Primary Election Endorsements

The members of Evansville Professional Firefighter’s Local 357 PAC are pleased to announce the following candidate endorsements for the City of Evansville 2011 primary elections :

Rick Davis (D)
No Republican endorsements for this primary race

No Democratic or Republican endorsements for this primary race

City Council At-Large
H. Dan Adams (D)
Michelle Mercer (R)

City Council 1st Ward
Dan McGinn (R)

City Council 2nd Ward
Patrick McBride (D)

City Council 3rd Ward
Don Walker (D)

City Council 4th Ward
No endorsements for this race

City Council 5th Ward
Brent Grafton (R)

City Council 6th Ward
Al Lindsey (D)

Members of Evansville Professional Firefighter’s Local 357 PAC recognize that public safety is one of the primary responsibilities of local government. Based on the results of our recent candidate’s night, and based on historical support of public safety concerns, we believe the above noted candidates are particularly aware of this responsibility, and have a stated willingness to provide our local first responders with the tools and funding they need to ensure continued excellence in service. We encourage the citizens of Evansville to consider these endorsements when they go to the polls this spring to decide the candidates who will run in the fall general elections.


    • You’ll find out on May 3rd whether he does or doesn’t. The voters will tell you that yes he does indeed live on the west side and that he will be their next 6th Ward City Councilman.

  1. they did a very good job, this is almost exactly the slate of candidates I’ll be voting for in the fall

    • … if they make it through the primary. Plus, I’m not sure how you’re gonna pull of voting in five different city wards. But then maybe you’re that guy Mole #3 saw earlier in the week taking names in the cemetery!

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