Firefighters Get “High” at USI



No, not on illegal substances, but off the ground. EFD’s High Angle Rope Rescue Team will be training this week using the City’s water tower on the USI campus. Training will begin today and tomorrow at 11:00 am and continue until early afternoon. The Rope Team will be using tower interior or the tower exterior for their training, depending on weather and scenario.

If you want to attend the training for interviews, pics, video, etc., I would recommend arriving around noon. That allows the Team Leader to establish the “rescue plan” for the scenario and start getting the rope systems in place.

Rope Training, Wednesday & Thursday, noon until 2:00pm (aprox) at
the City of Evansville Water Tower on the USI Campus.

You’re welcome to go either day. Please let me know if you’re going and I’ll be sure to meet you out there.

Questions? Dan Grimm, 436-4428