Find Ghosts Throughout Posey, Vanderburgh Counties


    Find Ghosts Throughout Posey, Vanderburgh Counties

    by Wendy McNamara

    It’s almost Halloween, and those looking for a good ghost story don’t need to look any further than the historic homes and businesses in Posey and Vanderburgh counties. Several places are rumored to be haunted, and visitors seeking a spooky sighting can take guided ghost tours.

    Evansville boasts a number of historic buildings, which some say are home to ghosts. Visitors to the Manor House (pictured right), built-in 1868, will not only enjoy the impressive architecture but also might spot an apparition — a woman in black floating up a staircase.

    The Willard Library shares sightings on its website of The Grey Lady, an apparition first reported in the late 1930s by a custodian. Unexplained occurrences include the smell of perfume and hearing strange noises. The library at times schedules public tours, sells merchandise, and shares live cam videos for ghost hunters.



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