Fairlawn Court Death REPORT


The Vanderburgh County Coroners Office and the Evansville Police Department are investigating the death of an individual who was shot during a confrontation with Law Enforcement.

The subject who died on Fairlawn Ct. has been identified as Phillip Dill, age 34, of Evansville. He died from a gunshot wound to the head. The Evansville Police Department can provide investigative updates when they become available.


  1. In the 911 call to Evansville police dispatch, why not post the full 911 audio of Phillip Dill(deceased), stating “I have a gun and I’m going to kill everyone in the house,” to reassure the public that police are relaying their information to the media accurately? Why not show more of the complete video to also reassure the public that police acted correctly? Omitting this information only arouses suspicion about how the EPD handles deadly force shootings in Evansville. The public can handle the truth, and has a right to know.

    • He was apparently holding the woman in front of him with a knife to her throat. Please do review law enforcement protocol on hostage situations. Your questions will be answered.

  2. If a man wants to kill his family, he kills his family.

    But if a man wants the EPD to kill him, he calls the local news, the county jail, Crisis Line, Child Abuse Hotline, and 911 and tells all of them he is going to kill his family, but never does it.

    The often long spoke about notion by old-timers in Evansville claiming “just start shooting some people and all this will stop” appears NOT to have held true.

    In fact, the EPD, as well as other police departments, reputation for their willingness to taking a life may have backfired, since in the desperate and deranged mind of the perpetrator, it creates an opportunity to achieve their own demise via the police by placing the lives of other people in danger. Even if others placed in danger survive, this will always be a horrible memory for them.

    Not sure what family dynamic and/or drug abuse, etc. drove this event, or the one prior where Dill dowsed a woman with gasoline and tried to set her a fire, but I pray he rests in peace, and his family heals from such a horrifying event.

  3. This person had a very long history with the law. It’s a shame that his support system was nil. For purporting to have ties with gang members, he took the coward’s way out. I pray for the children he apparently failed to support and the many women he took advantage of.

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