Fair Housing Month: Office of the Attorney General resources


    The Office of the Indiana Attorney General (OAG) represents the state in cases involving the state’s interest, provides legal defense to state officials or agencies in court, and gives formal legal advisory opinions on constitutional or legal questions to state officials.

    The OAG is made up of eight divisions:

    • Advisory – guides officials in their efforts to understand specific state statutes, policies, and procedures.
    • Appeals – represents the state in a variety of appellate cases, as well as business regulations and cases involving claims against the state.
    • Complex Litigation – works closely with other State agencies, States and office divisions to best advocate for Hoosiers. These matters typically involve issues of unsettled law, large number of impacted individuals or damages, or issues of particular importance to the State of Indiana.
    • Consumer Protection Division – mediates and investigates consumer complaints against businesses and other organizations and takes legal action on behalf of the state against individuals and companies that violate Indiana’s Deceptive Consumer Sales Act. This includes mortgage foreclosure and tenant issues.
    • Litigation – represents the State and its agencies, officials and employees in state and federal courts in complex and significant interest cases in almost every substantive area of the law
    • Medicaid Fraud – investigates unscrupulous practices and enforces state health care laws to keep costs as low as possible, and to ensure tax dollars are being spent properly.
    • Solicitor General – chief litigation policy advisor to the attorney general, providing comprehensive oversight of state and federal litigation for Indiana. 
    • Unclaimed Property Unit – assisting with returning assets to their rightful owners.

    In addition to the services and protections provided by the OAG, there are resources available that focus on further assistance and/or education about your rights. Click HERE to access OAG resources.

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