EVSC Students Advance to State Marketing Competition




Thirty-two students from the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation qualified for the 2014 Indiana DECA Career Development Conference in Indianapolis in March after competing in the district competition at Ivy Tech last weekend.  More than 150 students from Evansville, Mt. Vernon, and Washington competed at the district event.


Students earn the right to advance to the state level by placing in the top five in their respective events.  Each event required students to take a 100-question test covering basic business, marketing, economics, and specialized area concepts.  In addition, students had to demonstrate their ability to “think on their feet” and apply their marketing knowledge and presentation skills through role playing and case study presentations.  The state competition will be in the same format, except students will have to perform two role plays or case studies instead of one.


More than 1,400 DECA students from across Indiana will compete at the state level.  The top three in each event will qualify for the International DECA Career Development Conference at the beginning of May in Atlanta, Georgia.


Students from the EVSC who are advancing to the state competition include:


Student                                                             Place     Event                                                                 School

Haley Grubbs                                                   2nd        Accounting Applications                               Reitz

Alex Luecke                                                      2nd        Hotel Lodging                                                  Bosse

Megan McNamara                                         2nd        Retail Merchandising                                     Reitz

Olivia DeVoy & Casey Birge                          2nd        Financial Services Team                                Reitz

Morgan Wright & Dalton Morrow              2nd        Travel and Tourism Team                             Reitz

Lee Walker                                                       3rd         Accounting Applications                               Reitz

Kennedy Kolb                                                   3rd         Business Financial Series                Reitz

McKayla Seyffarth                                          3rd         Business Services Marketing                        Reitz

Ryan Nolan                                                      3rd         Food Marketing                                              Reitz

Sam Rutledge                                                  3rd         Hotel Lodging                                                  Reitz

Miaja King                                                        3rd         Quick Serve Restaurant                                 Bosse

Alex Norton                                                     3rd         Retail Merchandising                                     Bosse

Jordan Loving & Phoenix Thomas               3rd         Financial Services Team                                Bosse

Makenzie Christian & Sammi Jo Morrow  4th           Buying & Merchandising Team                    Reitz

Cory Simmons                                                 3rd         Sports and Entertainment Series                 Central

MaKayla Seyffarth                                          3rd         Business Services Marketing                        Reitz

Taylor Babbs                                                    4th         Restaurant and Food Service                       Reitz

Fae Wirtjes & Anna Harl                                4th         Hospitality Services Team                             Reitz

Megan Keown & Kayla Knapp                      4th         Marketing Communication Team               Central

Nicole Chandler & Emily Kiel                        4th         Travel and Tourism Team                             Reitz

Brandon Johns                                                5th         Principles of Marketing                                 Reitz

Nicole Grayson & Alexus Medina 5th         Buying & Merchandising Team                    Bosse

Watez Phelps & Kenyatta Fox                      5th         Hospitality Services Team                             Bosse