EVSC Schools in Need of Dramatic Improvement Just to Attain Mediocrity



The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp. received nine failing school accountability grades from the Indiana Department of Education, compared to the 15 “Fs” the district received the previous school year. Five EVSC schools were awarded “A” grades. Eight schools received “Bs,” nine “Cs” and four “Ds.” When taking these grades and calculating the GPA (grade point average) for the EVSC the GPA computes to an academic probation level of 1.88

The EVSC schools that got an A were Cynthia Heights Elementary, Highland Elementary, Oak Hill School, Scott School and Tekoppel Elementary.

EVSC’s Glenwood Leadership Academy, which could be in danger of state takeover and was also expected to be a topic of discussion at the board meeting, received its seventh ‘F” in a row proving once and for all that naming a failing school after an elite prep school does not make it an elite prep school.

Other EVSC schools that received failing grades were the Academy for Innovative Studies, Caze Elementary, Dexter Elementary, Evans School, Lincoln School, Lodge Community School, McGary Middle School and Washington Middle School.

The Catholic schools fared much better with both Memorial and Mater Dei getting A’s to lead the diocese schools to a composite GPA of 3.38

Warrick County did even better with a grade card loaded with A’s and a composite score of 3.68

It seemed like the further one got from downtown Evansville the better the scores got with both the EVSC and the other metro area counties culminating in the North Posey District seeing every school get an A for a perfect 4.0.

In the world of private and magnet schools Signature School that is a perennial top ten program in the country, Evansville Christian School, and Evansville Day School all received an A. The Joshua Academy was the lone exception scoring a D.

The other takeaway is that the spending per pupil in the EVSC is significantly higher than it is in any of the other programs proving again that you can’t fix education problems by throwing money at a failing system.

Overall with scores like this the EVSC seems to need to wear a dunce cap while standing in the corner waiting for a good old fashioned spanking. The truly disgusting part of the EVSC’s 1.88 grade is the positive spin that is put onto what is clearly a system that needs to improve to even call itself mediocre. The EVSC like many of the local government entities and affiliates will continue to fail as long as unacceptable performance is celebrated publicly. IS IT TRUE it is time for the EVSC to take a trip to the woodshed.


  1. Who is really shocked that the “F” schools got F’s? Those schools have been failing for years. All of those schools are in poor areas and you can blame the parents. These schools have great teachers, but you can’t improve the schools overall performance if the parents don’t care about their children. But then again, you really don’t find the best and brightest people in poor areas of town to begin with.

  2. Of all the negatives that have been put forth about Evansville, this is the most damming,—who would want to move, or that matter stay if they could move, to a environment with questionable prospects for their children? This news portends a really sad, sad, future for Evansville.
    Depressing. 🙁

    • Do you take drugs? EVSC spends in its most recent report over $10,000 per pupil and is getting garbage for results. Where does that money come from Ghost? From taxes paid by people and companies that are part of our capitalistic system. If you want to lay some blame, lay it on teacher’s unions that won’t allow accountability, a culture of laziness, and the poverty of spirit. Capitalism is very far removed from the classroom. Do you hate snakes as much as you hate capitalism. If so, please just blame the snakes for the failure of our schools. That would make about as much sense as your ignorant statement.

  3. This is a good article. The EVSC is a mess and a disgrace. I find it to be ridiculous that I have to pay taxes (a lot of them too) for a system I never went to and don’t believe in. I have no problem helping out poor kids so I’m completely fine with the vouchers for families making under 82k to go somewhere better.
    But the rest need to pay their own way and the evsc budget needs to be trimmed.

    The Evsc board reminds me a lot of the parks board which seems to me to be just a bunch of political personalities who will waste asset after asset just to make sure they are in with the in crowd. I’m glad one left for Chicago and I hope it’s the beginning of a massive overhaul of the evsc leadership.

    • Rails: Basically, the EVSC as a sustainability model is a miserable fail.
      That should be something your community should ultimately observe as unacceptable.
      The students learning infrastructures should be a working model of how to conduct a viable 21st century lifepath environmentally,as well as, socially and educationally.
      If your county looks at that structure as I have,well,you find just what is meant by “tips of icebergs”. ;(
      Consider the infrastructure a student blends and intermingles with from the timing stepping out the homes door in the morning,to the time they arrive back to the home environment,put usefull time percentage/per carbon footprint/brought to them by The EVSC and its leadership,funding sources,and aged facility infrastructures.
      Tell me that cannot easily,see some marked improvement with some focused planning,thus allowing the funding applied towards curves leaning more to the classroom curriculum templates successes. Rather than fueling archaic inefficient infrastructures.

      “Balancing sustainables*” again,the impression I’m getting is “political’s hate that stuff”. Reduces their functions,an the needs and funding required for improved education as a whole unit application. 🙂

  4. What do you expect we have Mike Duckworth as the top school board leader.

    Let’s unite and see that the king of political nepotism is defeated in this coming school board election. Enough is enough.

  5. The grade results were an improvement but still unacceptable. What are the main factors that determine how a child performs in school? What weight does each factor have.
    Some Factors:

    • One of the most important is turning out to be school attendance. It seems, according to a lot of studies, to be more important than class size. That is something that could be pretty easily and cheaply dealt with. Laws already on the books should just be enforced diligently, by people already on the payroll.
      My wish for a happy holiday extends even to you and Phyllip. I just hope you guys don’t have a TOO happy 2014, especially in November!

  6. What? I thought $150 million worth of new football stadiums, gymnasiums and buildings was supposed to turn out better grades!

    Time to double down, better spend another $150 million on some more football stadiums.

    Einstien changed the world with an education he received in a one room school house. Taj Mahal schools do not produce better students.

  7. There is a great letter in the C&P yesterday, by a lovely teacher named Brooke Wadsworth. I wish everybody would read it and think about it, especially during this season.

    • Laura, to read the “great” letter, one would have to underwrite the vile and offensive C&P, where liberals post their hate filled attacks daily.

      No, I would rather spend my small income at the advertisers on CCO’s site.

  8. The important thing is that the 1.88 gpa EVSC has a new $6 million dollar Administration building. It is far superior to the 4.0 gpa North Posey Administration building.

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