EVSC Media Opportunity


New Tech Institute One of Five New Tech Schools to Earn Opportunity to Debate

Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 11 a.m.
New Tech Institute, 1901 Lynch Rd.

The EVSC’s New Tech Institute earned the opportunity to participate in an online debate tomorrow between four other New Tech schools in Indiana after being one of the top five vote-getters in an online voting project. The project involved a competition between New Tech schools in Indiana that were asked to create a political party, a website, and a 30-second commercial about their party. The videos were posted online and opened for voting. The creators of the top five videos, based on the number of votes, will participate in the debate tomorrow.

During the debate, which will be through Google + Hangout, students will be asked questions about the candidate’s platforms and concerns/ideas for the country.

At New Tech Institute, students who created the Aequus Party will participate in the debate. Utah Ponce, a member of the party, will participate in the debate via Google chat. The rest of the party, along with the class, will watch the debate in a separate room as not to disturb Ponce.