EVSC Kicks Off Energy Savings Campaign


The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation has started its “Conservation for Education: Better Choices. Brighter Future” program and explained it to the Board of School Trustees tonight at its regular meeting.

The EVSC – in their work with CRIPE Engineering and Architects – is determining things that can be done both on a small scale and large scale, to reduce the $6.4 million the EVSC spent on utilities in 2012. One of the collaborations with ProLiance has projected a savings in delivery of natural gas of $93,000 in the next 22 months, and a broad-based team of EVSC employees and Evansville Teachers Association president, along with Scott Chesrown with CRIPE; and Pat Tuley, chief facilities officer, have done much pre-work on this project, recognizing that everyone in the EVSC has the power to impact energy usage.

So, Conservation for Education was developed and is being rolled out to schools, with an added incentive. Energy consumption reduced during the next 10 months, will result in a savings for the EVSC. The EVSC will then give each school 40% of their savings to use as they wish at their school. And, the high school district (comprised of one high school, and several middle and elementary schools) that saves the most energy as a district – will receive another 10% of that savings.

A part of the process – and working to gain grass roots level enthusiasm for this program — students who attend one of the EVSC’s innovative programs that works with area non-profits to help with their marketing needs, the Center for Family and Community Outreach, designed logos and slogans for the program.

Schools will be given detailed energy consumption information for the past two years, and initially are being asked to raise awareness about simple things that can be done, like turning lights off as one leaves a room and unplugging items not in use to reduce ghost energy consumption. Periodic updates on their progress will be provided, along with monthly tips to do even better.