EVSC Foundation Inaugural Class Hall of Fame Luncheon

Chief Justice Randall Shepard Recieved Award from EVSC Superintendent Vince Bertram

By Don Counts, Editor

The Evansville Vanderburgh County School Corporation inducted twelve outstanding individuals into the Inaugural Class Hall of Fame today. The program was well represented by leaders of Evansville, Vanderburgh County and of other areas of the State.

Dr. Vince Bertram, Superintendent along with Jack Schreiber greeted all the guests as they filed into the WNIN Channel 9 dining room/studio. I asked Dr. Bertram if he was ready for the festivities. He said “This is an exciting opportunity to honor our alumni and successful people that have made the world a better place.”

Mark Owen, Chairman of the Vanderburgh Democratic Party, served as Master of Ceremonies. As he began to speak he commented on his apparel. He had selected his clothing to insure all the school colors from the high schools were represented. He said he wanted to be politically correct. He thanked the EVSC, EVSC Foundation, honorees and guests.

Landon Sholar, graduate of North High School and student at the University of Evansville sang the National Anthem.

During dinner the two large screens showed historical pictures of all of the area High Schools and how they had progressed and changed through the years. As the scenes changed it could be seen the amazing transformation that has taken place through the history of the school corporation.

The foundation went through thousands of nominees to select the top twelve to be honored. As the names of each honoree were read along with their accomplishments, there were several things in common. All had graduated from the EVSC, achieved success in their chosen fields along with remaining active in their communities and making a difference in the lives of their fellow citizens.

The honorees are:

Brent Beeler, Harrison High School alumnus and recently retired Chief Operation Officer for Berry Plastics.
William Mays, Lincoln High School alumnus and owner of the Indianapolis Recorder and founder of Mays Chemical Company
Chuck Bundrant, North High School alumnus and founder of Trident Seafoods Corporation
Gayle Cook, Bosse High School alumna, and founder of Cook Group, Inc., in partnership with her husband
James McCarty Sr., Bosse High School alumnus and founder of Colonial Garden Center, Inc., Colonial Enterprises, and Landel Enterprises
Mattie Miller, retired as principal from Harper Elementary School
Randall Shepard, Harrison High School alumnus and currently Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court
John H. Schroeder, Bosse High School alumnus and founder and current chairman of Crescent Plastics, Inc., Cresline Plastic Pipe Co., Inc., and Wabash Plastics, Inc.
Don Korb, Bosse High School alumnus and retired from 38-year career with Crescent Plastics, Cresline Plastic Pipe Company, and Wabash Plastics
William Ridgway, Central High School alumnus and retired from long career in ophthalmology
Matt Williams, FJ Reitz High School alumnus, and founder of Wind Dancer Films
Lee Hamilton, Central High School alumnus, and former member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Indiana’s Ninth District

After the awards were presented, Randall Shepard, Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court, said thank-you on behalf of all the honorees. He thanked the school corporation foundation for the honor and gratitude to the men and women who made their education possible. He spoke of the stories of the twelve and the next twelve on to the next 1200. Justice Shephard complemented the EVSC on their outstanding programs and daring satisfaction and pride of high aspirations.

Superintendant Vince Bertram added his congratulations to the honorees their family, friends and teachers. He also thanked the board of the EVSC Foundation, community for their support and the opportunity to recognize the honorees. Each stood on their own merits signifying their contribution to make the lives of others better. Bertram commented on their legacy may help to inspire current students understand the importance of education and understand their talents and dreams. People who have given back we owe you a tremendous amount.

The program was followed by the reunion outside, with vendors from various schools, free pizza furnished by the foundation and music by the Better than Nothing Band.

This was the first annual program by the EVSC Foundation to recognize the outstanding students of the corporation and encourage the next generation of students to study and make their marks in the world.