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Evansville’s Future PAC Update – October 2019

Evansville city election is 20 days away!
Volunteer & Vote Early
With the 2019 election only weeks away, candidates are seeking volunteers for phone banks, door-to-door walks and working vote locations on Tuesday, November 5th. To get involved, send an email to Hobart Scales at EvansvillesFuture@gmail.com and the Evansville’s Future PAC will connect you with all the campaign activities happening between now and Election Day.
In addition to volunteering, get out and vote! Early voting is now taking place at several locations across the city. Remember that residents do not have to vote at a location within their ward, but instead can visit any vote center to cast their vote. Click here for a list of early voter locations.
Thank you for your support!
With your support of the #Drive4Five event, the Evansville’s Future PAC paid for a direct mail program that included 15 mail pieces designed to boost GOP voter turnout and help win a majority of seats on the city council.
We coordinated with Friends of Mayor Winnecke and the Indiana Republican Party to develop our mail program to maximize its impact and ensure voters are educated on our candidates. We dedicated ourselves to be efficient and effective with our supporters’ donations. We continue to deliver on that promise.
We are excited to begin rolling out our next major effort which will focus on Get Out The Vote messaging targeting voters throughout Evansville.
As we get closer to Election Day, Evansville’s Future will continue to lead the effort to increase turnout and build recognition of our candidates as we work to ensure a victory for our City!


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