Evansville Voting Center Website/App!


A new site has been released to give Evansville voters easier access to their local voting centers! This year, voters may vote at any center that is convenient, as opposed to being restricted to their own precinct.

The website can be found at:

There is also an iPhone and Android app available:

Happy Voting!


  1. So I’m curious if anyone knows how the voting machines are authenticated, what I mean is before when you went to vote each precinct had the big book of registered voters for their precinct and your name was checked, then checked off when you voted. With this system what would keep a voter from going to each voting center and voting? yeah I know after the fact the votes should be thrown out when counted…but does anyone know what safeguards are in place to stop voter fraud? or how are votes/voters authenticated at each center?

    • Each voting center will have four clerks, two from each political party. The clerks will operate laptop computers linked to the data bank of registered voters. When someone asks to vote, and presents legitimate ID, the clerk will check the data bank, verify the voter status, assign the appropriate ward and precinct designation to voter, direct the voter to one of the judges who accompanies the voter to an available voting booth, enters the voter’s data into a “peb” (little black box) which data will command the appropriate ballot to appear on the voting screen (in other words the screen responds to the data in the peb by displaying the ballot with names of the candidates for who that particular voter is eligible to vote according to voting district, etc.), the judge then will leave the voter alone in the booth to vote in private, and the clerk will enter data showing the voter requested and received a ballot, the machine will record that the voter has cast a ballot along with data preventing that same voter from obtaining another ballot at a different voting center.

  2. In the last election the system in place at that time did not prevent corrupt Democrats from voting multiple times (in other peoples’ names) at Harwood Elementary School.

    Fear not, my corrupt friends, Judge Heldt and the rest of the gang have your back! As always, the Democrats will vote early, and vote often! And to win this year they will have to vote _very_ often!

    • That may be true, but there is now a Republican prosecutor in place who could (and would) send people to jail.

      Do you have any idea how many voter fraud cases Levco covered up for the Dems?

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