Evansville Police arrested 3 men on drug charges


GetAttachment2GetAttachmentGetAttachment 1Evansville Police arrested 3 men on drug charges during a follow up on neighborhood complaints in the 7600 block of Washington Ave.

Officer were giving the area extra patrol due to complaints of loud music, a lot of vehicle traffic late at night, and multiple reports of cars driving off the roadway in recent nights. The officers saw a car parked facing the wrong way on Washington. There was also loud music coming from inside the car.

When the officer approached the car, he smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the passenger compartment. The 3 occupants were removed from the car. During a search of the car, 43 grams of marijuana and a digital scale were found. All 3 denied ownership of the marijuana and the scale.

All 3 were arrested and charged with dealing marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.

Arrested were:

Dariane Burrows 22

George Kelly 19

Gabriel Appel 18


  1. 7600 Block of Washington. Is that in Warrick Co? I didn’t know Wash. Ave went that far east (7600 block).

    • I had to look it up. Washington apparently starts back up again after it dead ends into Newburgh Rd. Looks like it’s back near that commercial development off 164.

      • It looks like a decent neighborhood of single family brick ranch homes. I feel sorry for the other homeowners in the neighborhood.

        This sort of stuff will eventually drive out the every people we need to stay.


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