Evansville Philharmonic Questionnaire Addresses Anticipated Downtown Parking Problems


Unedited Questionnaire Sent to Subscribers to Pops Series

Dear Pops Subscriber,

Since we didn’t have a patron name, we have just sent you a survey with the heading 10-11 Pops Subscriber. If you are not a Pops subscriber, please disregard this heading. Rest assured, the survey is the same except one question. The mailed survey included the following question, which the email survey does not:

Which is more important to you:

___ Avoiding traffic/parking problems even if it means a concert start time as early as 5:30 p.m.

___ A later concert start time, even if it may mean some traffic/parking problems.

If you’d like, you can leave this answer in one of your comment windows at the end of the survey.

Thank you for your continued interest in your Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra!

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  1. Concert start time at 5:30 on weekdays might pose a bit of a problem for early birds who will conflict with exiting Civic Center traffic.

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